Toxic masculinity and white privilige. What to do?


Fair enough.


Nope its absolutely true.


Meaningless hogwash but thanks…


Still true…


I heartily endorse anyone that doesn’t believe toxic masculinity exists to take a stroll over to r/niceguys, r/neckbeardthings and r/inceltears or just Google the latest misogynist flappery “the Thot audit.”


None of that negates the reality that in America White Privelege has existed and no doubt still does.

Look at the Republican Congress, a perfect example of late was the Kavanaugh hearing, you don’t get to be such a good old tightie white boys club like that by accident.


Clarence Thomas.


Are you a white privileged man in this country?





Actually I was asking Altair, but what you said kinda sounded racist.

Are you a Racist? Do you think that you’re better than someone, just because you’re
white, and they’re not?


I have read many of Sneaky’s posts I haven’t heard anyone accuse let alone even consider he is racist. He is trolling you however.


Then you should have addressed him.

I am better than Someone, I don’t know if it’s because I’m white.


How am I trolling him?


What endows a person with greater privilege, skin color or money/social class?

It seems to me that those that struggle with the guilt of their “White Privilege” are actually the beneficiaries of economic privilege and simply want to broad brush every other white person with their guilt.

Tell me, who has more privilege; the Black child of professional parents or the white child of unemployed/under employed blue collar parents?

I for one won’t feel guilt for someone else’s privilege.


If you are privileged, don’t be an ■■■■■■■■ Don’t feel entitled. Don’t use the influence that your wealth and access give you to use the power of the government to enrich yourself at the cost of others.

Be humble. Don’t think you are better than others simply because of the size of your wallet.

Have empathy. Think of others.

Recognize that in America wealth, color, these things matter, and work to change that so that in the future, health and happiness are less dependent on those factors.

How is this really a question.


It may surprise you, but there are many studies that suggest poor white people have more clout in american society than affluent blacks.

I’ll try to find them.


If you do, I’ll be glad to read them.

Another problem I have with the concept of White Privilege is the apparent assumption that all whites share equally in this privilege. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Wealth, connections, legacies do not belong to blue collar families.

So when it comes time to help minorities get opportunities to get into colleges or advance in the workplace who do you suppose needs to step aside and pay the price?


I am entitled. I earned it. Why does color matter?


Empathy, I see this chant used a lot in Liberalanity. Let’s take a look.




  1. the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.

You feel like you can understand and share the feelings of a 25 year-old black man?


I think this article links to the study I was thinking of:

that article also addresses your point here. Data shows that generally, all whites enjoy white privilage.