Toxic masculinity and white privilige. What to do?


You can find it everywhere on the internet, people view they are entitled to womans bodies and if they don’t agree they are whores.


My Friend does cosplay to make extra money on the side she showed me her DM on facebook, Instragram. half of them where people calling her a whore the other half where people demanding she date them, and like 5% were people saying they enjoyed her content.




More fuel for the fire.


So what was the “1950’s mentality” that no longer exists ?


Strictly speaking. I don’t know that we can say that any unhealthy attitudes can completely disappear. Ever. There will always be a few misfits who have the need to feel superior. Whether it’s racial, gender, sexual orientation or clothes shaming. But it is no longer common and considered to be an offense in all of my social circles, all of your social circles and pretty much everyone else’s. I have a female friend who has disowned another female friend because she does not approve of her low cut outfits. Guess which one no longer gets invited to parties? It’s not the 50s anymore.


Okay. That makes sense.




Nice word salad. Totally meaningless but…

You should put some ranch on it.


Everyone in America who prepares for life has an excellent chance for success. If you give the effort, you are almost guaranteed success. Regardless of race. Corporate America loves to hire qualified minorities. They absolutely love it! I have worked for four multinational corporations. There is no doubts about this. Poor parenting, drugs, the lack of a father figure at home, dropping out of school, teenaged motherhood, etc, dwarfs the idea of white privilege. Focus on the big issues. Not the goofy labels.


I’m glad that those ideas have no place in your social circles. I’m being serious - good on you for associating with good people.

But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist outside of your social circles. It’s something I see on a regular basis - and I’m in law school in the middle of Washington DC.


I don’t consider my friends to be special. They are typical. My co-workers, employer and neighbors are the same. I am completely surrounded by people who don’t care about any of the stupid stuff. And so is the rest of America. It’s an epidemic of not caring! Sorry to hear about the crazy lawyers though. D.C. is a mess.



Your social circle is not reflective of “the rest of America”.

How would you describe where you live? Urban, suburban, or rural?


I’m not taking a test to see if I qualify to make an observation. Like Johnny Cash, I’ve been everywhere man.


So have I.

Your social circle doesn’t reflect the country. I’m only in my 30s, and I see what you deny exists all the time.

I can read from your tone that you’re still not wrapping your head around this as a concept.


I hear horrible stories of harassment from my female coworkers all the time.

It is better than it was ten years ago as more and more women have gotten into my field of labor… but there is still a long way to go.


They should take it to H.R. not to you. Most H.R. folks are female and won’t put up with this crap. If someone harasses one woman, they probably harass others too. Three or four complaints to H.R. will definitely get their attention.


That corporate atmosphere doesn’t always work with my feild.

We are blue collar laborers in the entertainment industry. There are still a lot of old gruff dudes who still work because we have a massive labor shortage.

And… as a member of a union, I feel that it should be up to the members of the union to police ourselves and call out ■■■■■■■■ way before it gets crosses a line.

For example… the current show I am working on, until next week when we wrap… is heavily about trans, gay and genderqueer people. So the production has employed trans, gay and genderqueer people all up and the chain of command.

I will just say that some have had a harder time dealing with it than others and I have to remind them to not yuck someone else’s yum.


What advice did you give her?


This is a general thing.

One of my good friends grew up in the business. Her Dad was one of the pioneers of rock and roll lighting. She knows her ■■■■ and is excellent at what she does.

I have seen over and over how she is not taken seriously by some new dude who has no idea who she is.

My wife also gets some of the same treatment from working in a blue collar field that is mainly dominated by men all of her life. She used to be an art Preparator. Basically the labor that handles and installs art. When I met her she was the chief preparator at a major contemporary art museum in NYC. That means that she had to hang full size cars on the wall and all sorts of crazy ■■■■■ There were men who would not defer to her authority.

She now designs and builds fine furniture. When she has done furniture shows and such and I help her with her booth I am the one who is inevitably approached as being the creator because I am a kinda big dude with a crazy beard.

It is small assumptions about what women can and can’t do… especially in a blue collar field that is still a problem.