Toxic masculinity and white privilige. What to do?


You are the only person here who thinks that the term toxic masculinity is a “label” assigned to people.


“Libs don’t like the military, the police, firemen and other first responders or macho cowboys that like to shoot guns, drive trucks , and hunt”…Says who?


Trying to get through to someone by accusing them of having toxic masculinity is probably the worst way you can do it with the exception of calling them an A hole and saying "we’re here to help.

Hope that helps.


Who has been accused of “having” toxic masculinity?

It’s not a condition.


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Quite an interesting deflection there. Couldn’t give an answer about INCEL, eh?


White privilege is not some “made up condition”.

That you may not have experienced it or recognized it when you saw it does not negate its existence.

I have personally benefited in my life from White Privelege. It does exist.

My small midwest town where I was born in 1957, and raised, was a " sundown town" where it was still “understood” until my early teens.

I was hired by various companies in my life where it came to my knowledge that the owners would not have hired me if I had been black or hispanic. They only hired whites.

So even coming from humble beginnings, son of a single mother who worked a shoe factory job, and going on to work manual labor jobs myself, I still experienced the special privileges of being white.


So…your answer is NO…you don’t find INCEL to be toxic.


“Do” what, exactly?

And who is “they”?


Nobody’s being labeled.


Where is this “lot of people”? Only in Islam is this a defense. I have never heard a single person claim this. And I have never heard it used as a defense in court. At least in this century. Have you? How about naming and shaming a few people who have claimed this?


Did you alter some posts? Because you quoting me saying something I did NOT say.


I don’t understand why this is causing a defensive response.

You have been given clear examples of what the term means yet it is getting internallized as an attack.

Why is that?


That was last year.


Okay. Good research. They are trying to use it as a defense. It still happens occasionally. They obviously have a crappy lawyer, if he thinks this is going to get them off. We know it won’t work, And you are still wrong. A lot of people do not believe that women deserve it. Almost nobody does. Nobody that you know or I know does. People do not think that way anymore. Only criminals do. As your post proves.


It took all of ten seconds on Google. There are many other examples.

And you’re completely wrong, by the way- I had a conversation not 2 weeks ago with a number of classmates of mine, in which one of them told another (female) friend of mine that she was “asking” to be assaulted because of her choice of clothing.


A few years ago there was a rash of sexual assault in my neighborhood in Brooklyn.

A policeman told my ex that her just below the knee length skirt was provocative.


That’s his opinion. And it’s none of his business. Did he say she deserves to be raped? Nobody said that everybody is perfect. The claim of “a lot of people believe this” is totally bogus. The 1950’s mentality does not exist in today’s culture. Catch up people.


Is the argument that toxic masculinity existed in the 50’s but is now gone?


a lot of people do think that, and you can find them all over the internet. Ask any sex worker to show you her DM they are full of people who think they are entitled to her body.