Toxic masculinity and white privilige. What to do?


Why not try?


Nope. I am where I am because I have skills, education and stayed out of trouble. In other words, I prepared myself for life. Had I not prepared myself for life, I would be in worse shape than nearly every black man who did prepare for life. It’ a pretty simple concept. It really is.


The south is still holding Republican sanctioned rallies to celebrate slavery.

Do you think a well-prepared black man could get a job under a confederate today?


Dr Phil had a good episode on “White Privilege”… Most of us have a misunderstanding of what it is. It’s passive, no one is at fault for it, it just is. There’s absolutely no reason to be defensive about it, just be aware of it.


Maybe that’s why he speaks out and leads the way in position papers so much.


Also Clarence Thomas is republican.

Of the Republican justices:
Thomas - Predator
Kavanaugh - Predator
Gorsuch - Thief

Good track record.


oh yes reporting sex workers to the IRS is the peak of manhood.


You can believe that all you want. But labeling working class white people as “white privileged” is how you ended up with Trump as president. See the folks in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin who voted for Obama and Trump.


A combination of all three based on “white pigmentation” being the most weighted.


Dr Phil never lived in a “Sundown Town”.


I don’t know your personal circumstance but you sound like someone who grew up middle class or better. I grew up working class and my experience has been that social class and wealth are far more important.


I disagree with that at least from a color aspect.

I’m a dark skinned biracial man who was raised by whites. In general I’ve been treated no differently than other whites in terms of employment or the way I feel that people view me. But outside of my skin tone I am stereotypically “white.” I guess you could say that I am culturally “white.” I speak with a New South accent, I listen to mostly classic rock music, and I dress like a blue collar white man.

My black cousins by comparison are culturally “black.” African American vernacular accents, wear what most in society consider to be “black” dress styles, and listen to rap music. They’ve had it harder than i have.

I would say it’s more about culture than it is about skin tone in most places today. It shouldn’t be like that, but it that’s just how it is.


To what end?


What a stupid post.


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Horse ■■■■■ Money talks.


Neither did you.


Great post. Why shouldn’t be that way?


Toxic masculinity is how progressive liberals describe any man who hasn’t cut off his male genitilia.


Yet you couldn’t refute it.