Time to disband FBI and most of CoJ

You do not like rack of lamb and a good cabernet? Say no more… :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:

Let’s not start the cooking forum up again please.

Yes… because it is insanity.

PJW is tapping into White fear for fun and profit.

it is wild.

This thread is not about Russia, food or video of some conspiracy. It’s about the dangers of corrupt FBI being used as a political weapon against freedom loving Americans.



I see Tulsi Gabbard on Hannity echoed my concerns about corrupt FBI and CoJ going after individuals who are anti-authority…saying they’re domestic terrorist.

She also said it’ds foundation of authoritarism.

Good for Tulsi Gabbard for getting it…and she is a democrat.

You had no issue with the FBI targeting democrats you even supported it.

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Zhirinovsky could have easily said it. He has a history.

The implications of the idea that a multi ethnic US is what is going to make it fail… that is the bonkers part.

If one believes that to be true… then what is the solution?

That is absolutely crazy. He makes these kinds of the statements all the time. In his case it’s purposeful. He doesn’t believe the ■■■■ he shovels.

We must force the government to stop the bird migration. We must shoot all birds, field all our men and troops… and force migratory birds to stay where they are.

Fun stuff like that. It’s absurdity to make a point.

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I agree… but the people who listen to him do.

And that is the problem.

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Not just listen. Run with it. The morons who do are absolutely the problem because what he is trying to get across isn’t in judt in the quote itself but in its context timing where it was said to whom and why

An ethic migration hmm sounds oddly like eastern Ukraine troubles.

Evan FOX is calling out corrupt FBI…and saying it needs to be disband.

It seems the corrupt FBI is trying to convince people that it wasn’t about anti-Semitism…who the ■■■■ are they trying to kid?

The FBI was ripped on social media for the statement that the hostage taker had no direct demands related to the Jewish community, including calling for the FBI to be “defunded and eliminated.”

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I am confused. Would you mind pointing out the Anti Semitism?


I am being serious. The linked article talks about Siddiqui’s anti semitism, but nothing on Akram.

Come on man.

I do think they should cut the girl loose.

So this alleged anti semitism is so evident you can’t point it out?


He didn’t accidently wander into a synagogue.