Thug Culture State of Mind

Back on topic please.

3 suspect ambush police.

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I would have no problem with it.

But the restaurants! The night life!

Likely would have been a college professor if only society hadn’t done him wrong.

Rest In Peace

Three thugs who murdered two half sisters because they wrongly believed that they stole money.

2 Women Shot Dead, Bodies Thrown Over Bridge After Man Wrongly Thought They Stole Money (

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Attacked a person in a wheel chair. Tsk, tsk.

This is a good one. Video shooting out of a sun roof. Like Somalia.

Hit a 12 year-old girl.

9 years. Only half the life he took.

Not a single knight onboard

Garbage society.


That’s ■■■■■■■ pathetic.

They could have just bum rushed him and beat his sorry ass into a pulp. He was outnumbered 6 to 1.

Absolutely shameful.


More fun to video it.


Society is ■■■■■ ■■■■ social media.


“There was a lot of people, in my opinion, that should have intervened; somebody should have done something,” Bernhardt said. “It speaks to where we are in society. I mean, who would allow something like that to take place? So it’s troubling.”

Fiston Ngoy, 35, has been charged with rape, aggravated indecent assault and related counts, according to Delaware County court records. Bernhardt said both SEPTA and Upper Darby Police are familiar with Ngoy.

Maybe you should have done something Mr. Police Superintendent.


Given the crap you can find on the Internet these days, they probably thought it was a staged for video production. Heck, I bet a lot of the spectators videoed it themselves.

I saw that this the new generation has become such a beta male society that chivalry is gone. Believe all women is just a hashtag in real life this is the reality, cell phones and posting the video online for people to see instead of helping the girl. I could understand not wanting to get involved in most things, arguments, etc. But a rape happening in front of you and others and do nothing, we are lost as a society. That’s not how the young men are being raised in China God help us if we go to war.


…and so I thought, what will happen to this thug?

“… the FOP [the Fraternal Order of Police]” and “No good cops in a racist system!”

Those are the sayings that supporters of Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner chanted at his election-night victory party two years ago. Did he tell them to stop? No. Instead, he smiled approvingly.

Now let’s wait and see in this new lib society, if this offense deems prosecutorial?