Thug Culture State of Mind

Racist animals.

Well, that’s why we can’t have nice holidays…

Michael Williams, better known as Sheff G, is a 25-year-old rapper whose songs and videos have millions of YouTube views and Spotify streams. He’s also a central figure in the gang case unveiled by Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez over a year ago, while he was serving a separate attempted weapons possession sentence.

Tegan Chambers, 24, who raps as Sleepy Hallow, has close to 11 million monthly listeners on Spotify. He faces conspiracy charges in the gang case. Both he and Sheff G have pleaded not guilty.

Libs…everyone charged with a crime is guilty…until they’re proven innocent.

Fathers being absent in the raising of their children has created the most violent youth in our nation’s history. We are now around 3 generations out from when it began with the welfare reforms of 1964 and it’s exacerbating…

This is hilarious


Oh look! If they got the age right and it was a pistol…

22 cops at the event.

A black shooter.

They can’t even honor their own holiday.

Gangs, no doubt. If those jerks weren’t so violent the vast majority of black persons would be able to enjoy a peaceful weekend … but they’re idiots with chips on their shoulders so…

When the description wasn’t given, it greatly increased the probability that the shooter was either black or transgender?

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Gangs … No place is off limits. They kill each other at funerals, on school grounds, in churches … it doesn’t matter to them, nor does it matter who else gets hurt. ■■■■■■■ animal’s.

It was given in the update.

…which was my point. It wasn’t given in the original report and when it’s not, it greatly increases the probability it’s because they’re either black or trans.

Probably because the police didn’t know who they were looking for.