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Suspect arrested after 5 stabbed in unprovoked attacks in Queens, police say

Hennepin County Attorney Mary Moriarity makes yet another horrible decision.

Brett Seide pulled over Cobb on July 31, 2023, at 1:50 a.m. near Lowry Avenue because his tail lights weren’t on, according to the Department of Public Safety.

After making the traffic stop, troopers learned Cobb was wanted in Ramsey County in connection with a felony-level violation. Records show Cobb was in violation of a no-contact order.

Body camera video released by Minnesota State Patrol officials shows the troopers attempting to detain Cobb, who refused to exit the car.

Seide, the trooper at the driver’s side, attempted to unbuckle Cobb’s seatbelt as Cobb’s hand moved to the gear-shifter, the video showed. Londregan fired from the open passenger door as the car lurched forward.

One day! One freakin’ day!


Do you think Biden feels ANY responsibility for this rape? How about Biden voters?

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You can tell how much they care by the amount of threads they create when this happens. 0.0


Gonna just drop this here.


What do you want to bet, there was no father present in the home, raising these girls in a united, loving manner with their mother along the path of education? This youth violence is not a mystery folks. It’s getting worse and this isn’t that hard to figure out. When someone is simply a sperm donor…that is legalized child abuse and this is a highly probable result. It’s time to start holding these sperm donors responsible and to remove their testicles in designated instances. Sounds crazy doesn’t it? Doing nothing and expecting different results is the very definition of crazy. Now…let’s all think about it.

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We are seeing rejection of the public education system. We are seeing home-schooling and stay-at-home moms making a come-back.

There are plenty of great kids being raised by wonderful parents.

A lot of the little thugs are a result of people who just don’t care about their children or their futures. They’re going to blame everyone but themselves for their failures.

Children have to be raised with discipline, love, boundaries, respect for others and respect for themselves.

Otherwise, what you get are feral little animals who help to populate the prison system.

These kids didn’t ask to be born. They deserve a shot at life and are getting the short end of the stick. I blame the parent(s) for embracing a culture that is a recipe for failure.