Thug Culture State of Mind

Is this now a “local violent crime” thread?

Washington DC is the capitol.

So? Your story is local news.

Is it?

Yes. It is.

Feel free to post in a different thread if you don’t like this one.

More thugs of the day.

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Not sure what your response here has to do with my post?

Plenty of people lack family structure. The only ones that join gangs are the impoverished. So clearly lack of a familial structure is not the main causation of people joining gangs.

Not true.

Virtually every thing I read about this begs to differ as indicated in the three links I provided and here’s another:

Also never did I say it was number one for everybody. Protection and broken family issues are generally 1 & 2. The psychological impact of being poor I would argue is by no means a significant motivating factor which compels one to want to join a gang.

The thug culture is played out as local crime.

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From the link:

There are many reasons why young people become involved with gangs.

Young people may want to join gangs:

** for protection from others – gangs, groups or peers*
** for safety in numbers*
** to be accepted*
** to feel part of a ‘family’*

Thugs aren’t isolated to one city.

We have a thug pandemic ATM.


Isn’t it weird how the FBI says that “white supremacy” is the number one threat to America and yet…the murders and acts of violence that keep happening every day, in most every Democrat run major city…doesn’t display that to be the case? You’d think there’d be more evidence of the murders done by these almost invisible white supremacists…especially since if it was true, the MSM would have it plastered everywhere. So I must ask, where is it?


The FBI has said that white supremacists are the “number one” domestic terrorism threat.

Crime in general is not a domestic terrorist threat.

Maybe not but if it’s the number one threat, I’d expect murders attributed to them…wouldn’t you?

How many people die in terrorist (of all ilks) attacks every year in this country?

Saying white supremacists are our greatest domestic terrorism threat is like saying asteroids are our greatest extraterrestrial threat.


“Number one threat”, by itself, is a meaningless phrase.

By cutting off the middle of the sentence - number one domestic terrorist threat - you’re trying to change the meaning entirely.

What’s the threat if no one dies?

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