Thug Culture State of Mind

There we go!

It started when a customer, who sources told CBS2 was angry her fries were cold, approached the worker, identified as Matthew Webb, 23, and started arguing with him.

The argument moved outside and that’s when, sources said, the woman called over her 20-year-old son to “take care of the problem.” He then pulled out a gun and shot Webb in the neck.

Yeah he didn’t get shot over cold fries. Read what @Rurudyne posted. He met the thug out of the restaurant and confronted him.

Over cold fries.

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Nah cuz two thugs confronted each other. Still thuggery. Fries make for a nice headline though. Clearly.

Look at the text showing in the link you just posted. Look at the title of your link.

Second line. Starting with the 4th word.

Your link

over cold french fries told The Post

“The fries were cold,’’ Fulmore

because the fries was cold.

it was a cold fry still.

This is easy…take the thug, try him and “fry” him…hotly…so that he’s finally satisfied.

Yeah that’s poetic license from the author continuing the theme for clicks.

Read the moms story about her being confronted by the McDonald’s workers and then the guy stepping out of the restaurant to confront her son. French fries are a nice headline. It was two thugs thug find.

Strange hill…

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You are right probably. I’ll leave it be.

Or, and hear me out, the guy possibly didn’t seek to confront his killer but, maybe having left for some other reason, was simply attacked by him. He may have been genuinely innocent on all accounts.

The guy waiting outside is possibly just a-worse-Treyvon who may have just killed the man rather than try to merely give him beat him down.