Thug Culture State of Mind

Remember, The Daily Mail is a British media outlet … where the sale and possession of kitchen knives are regulated. A hatchet probably looks gigantic to them. :wink:

I don’t know if it’s a British thing but apparently axe carrying zombies are populating Chicago or someone forgot a comma

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Watching it again, the driver’s act of attempting to get out before the vehicle was in park…was so obviously stupid…the officer placed his right hand on his gun as the dumb ass got out with his hatchet the second attempt and quickly got his dumb self shot.

Let’s eat Grandma.

Let’s eat, Grandma.

Hey, just because they are a journalist that does not mean they know how to write.

Could have been worse. Could have been written by an engineer or a lawyer.

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Reminds me of this conversation regarding the importance of punctuation:

Her speaking to him …

“No. Don’t. Stop.”
“No don’t! Stop!”
“No. Don’t stop.”
“No don’t stop!”


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Grammar is oppression by the white, male patriarchy.

Yep. The Woketards have said it, math skills, and many other aspects of an actual education (as opposed to Leftist indoctrination) are examples of White Supremacy.

Marxism begat Cultural Marxism (institution capture for Marxist), which begat Critical Legal Theory (Marxist lawfare), which begat Critical Race Theory (Marxist racism) as well as Queer and Transgender ideologies. All breed an ever more moronic sort of useful idiot to be the cold dead hands of the old Soviet Union still grasping for our collective throats.


Math has nothing to do with White Supremacy. People throughout the world need math. This is just another lame way to make people who don’t want to make an effort feel justified to stay dumb.

These Marxist sourced ideologies are about producing people who are unfit to sustain a civilization, society or nation … and with gender and queer theory who are even unfit to sustain the species.


He asks them “Now who is the President?” so clearly this is a politically motivated attack on some level.

But, you know, right wing are the real danger…

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When will white women catch a break?

It may have little to do with them, the victims, beyond that they were on hand and may have seemed like easy targets. With real thugs it seems like the real issue is always “them”, the thugs themselves. They do what they do because they are the problem, no matter their self serving excuses or resentments that they may harbor.