This is Insurrection. There is nothing else it can be

if they’re allowed in the police free zone… think these morons will let them in?

they did more than put up a sign, stop minimizing.

Are you trying to have me defend your argument?

How come none of the locals, or even the police that left their station are calling this an Insurrection but you are?

Did they though?


If the resident authorities are content to leave them be, why do you care? Do you live there?

Earlier i joked they didnt learn well enough from the Bundy’s, but it seems like these locals aren’t even close to playing the same game in their own neighborhood that the Bundy’s were in Utah, where they weren’t even from.

This thread is truly amazing! We may be on our way to a new Wavy Lays…



Absolutely I’m qualified.

Sam Adams declared treason.
So did the Whiskey Rebels.

But the reasons why they did it were the same as the folks from Seattle- perceived government overreach.

And their treason was much worse than a bunch of folks committing an office sit-in and otherwise not hurting anyone.

Yet you want them strung up and yet revere Sam Adams as a Founding Hero.

Ask yourself why you think that way.

This article from the LOCAL newspaper obviously contains much more detail and less adrenaline than the fox blog.

“The mayor and Chief Best have acknowledged that the city can and must do better for crowd management,” she added.

Nyland described the decision to withdraw from the East Precinct area Monday night as “an important step in the city’s efforts to lead with de-escalation and begin to rebuild community trust.”

From the article it looks to me like both the Mayor and Police chief first stood behind the police actions, but then a few incidents started to make the police look like the problem, and that’s why they pulled out of the area. The police weren’t ran out, their leadership seems to have consciously recognized that they were inflaming the situation and left. Emergency services are still running. Businesses are running. The area is peacefully alive and well.

That’s not bad.

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A glorified office sit-in and we have a poster looking for treason charges because one of the protesters made a grandiose claim.

This would be hysterical if it wasn’t so sad.


It isnt authoritarian if I approve.

What they did is an insurrection. Doesn’t make it wrong.



  1. a violent uprising against an authority or government.

They’re merely protesters, not insurrectionists.

The police closed a station. That’s it.

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But someone in the group called it “an autonomous zone”.

Therefore- insurrection!

Yep. Doesn’t have to be violent.

It is.

Not really, if the government never does anything to stop them, I’d say they have tacit approval to do it.

So your going to ignore the definition of the word. Got it.

Just think of what a lot of leftist had to say about the Bundy’s?
Seems the leftist were singing a different tune just a few years ago.
What gets me is the Bundy’s support the very protestors who called for them to be shot.
Seems that there is one group of people who stand by their principles and it isn’t the leftist.