This is Insurrection. There is nothing else it can be

This is not protest. This is insurrection. The only question is how long until its put down and how it will be done. Because it will be. There really is no choice. This cannot be allowed, ever.

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Sounds familiar. Would you call this insurrection too?

Protesters armed with guns pushed their way into the Michigan State House on Thursday as lawmakers debated an extension to Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s emergency declaration.


did they take over the house, throw out the police and declare it an autonomous zone?


epic whataboutism fail.


I tend to be pessimistic so my views are biased, but as far as I’m concerned I see the glass as half empty and as such our best days as a country are behind us.

maybe. we are allowing insurrection and surrendering to it to “quell violence”. This is insane.

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When you can’t rebut, go for the whataboutusm.

So familar.

IDK man. Armed protesters forcing themselves into a state house sounds like an insurrection to me.

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They didn’t drive the police away. The police left.

Who cares what they called the zone?

They’re no different than the Sons of Liberty or the Whiskey Rebels…or the Michigan protestors.

All these groups protested what they thought was government overreach.

Your views of the different groups are colored only by whether you agree with them or not.


They made a micronation? Sweet. I visited Christiania in Denmark like 10 years ago and had a great time.

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So the police left and the hippies started painting art?

That seems nice.


except of course they went home for dinner.

don’t speak for me, you’re nor qualified.

this is textbook insurrection. they have taken over city hall and declared themselves to be an autonomous region. the city council woman who led them in should be tried for treason.


They left city hall last night. The Fox article left that part out.

The marchers left City Hall around 10:15 p.m. and proceeded back toward the East Precinct.

Lighten up francis. It’s a non violent sit in.

They’ll be out soon enough. They didn’t learn well enough from the Bundy’s.

Well there ya go.

my ■■■■■■■ name ain’t francis cupcake

Again i would like to beg every conservative and republican to proudly call these protests an insurrection. Define it to the listening audience and then explain what the punishment for “insurrection” is.

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Sure. So the kids held a sit in and you want to kill them?

From Jimmy’s link:

The group, led to City Hall by City Councilmember Kshama Sawant, spent more than an hour inside the building listening to speeches advocating the mayor’s removal over the city’s heavy-handed response to demonstrations. Sawant raised a range of familiar themes, including demands to “tax, tax, tax Amazon.”

Lol they were in city hall for an hour?

Was this even a protest or was the parking ticket office just backed up?


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Also important we need to b immediately start erecting statues to the leaders and any martyrs. Claims to bring down these statute should be immediately met with cries of wanting to destroy history.

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