This is Insurrection. There is nothing else it can be

They got home in time for dinner.


Clearly, they should have brought guns.


bit disingenuous don’t you think?

they haven’t left the area, just city hall


false. they are still occupying the zone

so you’re telling me, people are in a neighborhood? RIGHT NOW!?!?!


they have blocked of a 6 block span and declared it an autonomous zone. this is the definition of insurrection. not protest.

So they put up a sign.

But everyone comes and goes as usual.



no, they’re in open rebellion.

all the cute little asides won’t change ■■■■■ thats what they are.

Except not really.

So what course of action should authorities take?

Even the fox article says quotes the police saying they’re responding to 911 in the area.

And that the area is peaceful.

So what’s the point of making it not peaceful to take down a sign?

except really. denial doesn’t change it.

I’m not denying you think you need to go to war with the people in the neighborhood for good reasons, or something.

nope, says they will, not they they are.

Ok. So you’re telling me there hasn’t been any need for the police, but if there is, they will come.

who mentioned war? project much?

they should remove them

You’re calling people putting up a sign in the neighborhood an INSURRECTION. So, you did.


Looks like some of them live there.

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