This can't be good...not good at all in fact

For democrats and their beloved party.

Apparently more women had donated to Trump reelection campaign then any democrat…over 30 mil in first quarter. According to FOX that’s 45 percent of Trump’s total donations during first period of this year. Kirsten Gillibrand had 52 percent that came from women and Harris 40 percent.
out pacing the top three democrats.

I guess you can say women like the fact that their men are working…and the fact that more women are working since the great war.

read more here from FOX.

Maybe libs can explain their version of reason why. :sunglasses:


More women are donating to Trump’s campaign than the Democrats side except for the two candidates who are getting more.

Very strange.

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They aren’t getting more, they have slightly better percentage of their donations that came from women.

But Trump still if numbers are correct more women donated to Trump then top three democrats.

So two Democrat candidates have a higher percentage of women donating to them… putting the President in third place but he is coming in first.

Got it.


Here is site for all you guys out there…to send their loved ones a link to Women for Trump. :wink:

Oh. Now I get where the numbers are.

It is to be expected that a diffuse candidate pool would spread the numbers of women out compared to the concentration on the GOP side.

Why limit the amount of women donors to the top three? What does it look like when we get into the top ten?

I think that we should expect to see, as the Democrat field narrows, higher and higher numbers of donations from women being concentrated until there is a single candidate and my bet will be that the numbers of women donating to that campaign will be much higher than Trump’s.

I don’t see Trump’s numbers growing much beyond this but the Democrat nominee should expect a lot more than a year away from end of the campaign.

Still, 45 percent of Trump donations came from women?

Considering past info like open secret.

Still, women accounted for more than 44 percent of President Barack Obama‘s itemized campaign contributions in 2012, making him the presidential candidate with the greatest share of contributions from women ever. More than 59,000 women contributed between $201 and -$499 to Obama’s campaign, more than double the number of female donors to GOP candidate Mitt Romney in the same dollar range. And while Romney received more $5,000 donations from women, overall they gave him less than 29% of his haul.

in 2012 Obama had 44 percent from women which put him greatest share ever contributions from women…and then consider Romeny.

This wasn’t suppose to happen now…or at least what we been told.

You have to admit Jezcoe these are impressive numbers.

That’s close to 50/50 and a perfect balance between the sexes…as it should be. It’s not about PC. It’s about going in the right direction.

It makes complete sense that Republican women would give to a Republican President.

I predict that those numbers will become less impressive as the Democratic field narrows and the donation pool gets concentrated.

That’s all.


There is 21 Official Democratic Presidential candidates for the 2020 Election.

There is 1 for the Republicans.

What is the campaign money donation total from women for all 21 D candidates, compared to Obese Donald from women?

That would be a more legitimate comparison.

Trump is anything but the right direction.

The Right direction perhaps.

But certainly not the right direction.

Amazing what a $60 dollar CostCo menbership can buy a lousy candidate these days.

It is simple. A bunch of people are going to hold off making donations until the field is more narrow or until there is a clear leader. And in the first quarter all of the Democrat’s running raised over $71M. Not too bad considering how many are running.

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You guys are still missing the point, now whether it out of denial or just being obtuse…Obama had 44 percent of donation that came from women.

Trump got 45. I bet none of you expected that did you?

It makes sense to me.

That ther percentages of Republican men and Republican women who donate to campaigns would be near parity to each other.

Just as it makes sense that the percentages of Democrat men and Democrat women who donate to campaigns are are near parity to each other.

I don’t see what the big surprise is.

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Only 28 percent of Romeny donors where women.

Denial isn’t just a river in Africa. :wink:

What is your point Conan?

Why is this data important? Are your trying to say that women’s support of Trump is going up, not down? That he has more women support than democrats?

At that same time period over a year and a half before the actual ellections?

LOL you guys are funny…creepy Joe will save you all.