The wall funding in exchange for the dreamers?


Let’s say this is true.

So what?

How is what you describe any more advantageous to society than allowing immigrants to do those jobs?


I’m fine with extending protection to the kids, but the parents don’t deserve ■■■■ .


Parents shouldn’t be allowed to apply for citizenship as part of any deal.


What the heck is oops? Did you slip on a banana peel? No, chain migration beyond immediate wife and children needs to end.


Why does it need to end?


Why does it need to exists? Immigration should be for the benefit of this country. That means the people who will be most beneficial to this country.


Permanent deferred status?


This is no longer about a wall. This is about the Democrats out to get Trump. They can not allow their base to see him having a success, even when they know it makes sense.


It was already part of the compromise. I guess you’ll need to make up a different excuse for why it wasn’t “good enough”.


You don’t think reuniting families is to the benefit of this country?


Chain migration.


They offered him a wall, he turned it down.


That includes aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins?



Extra letters.


So one person gets in because their parents did something illegal, and that gives them a free pass to bring whoever the hell they want to into the country? Free of charge?


“Free of charge”



Basically. It’s not difficult to do so.


I’m saying that its ridiculous that you think there should be a “charge”.


So the people handling the paperwork and administrative work should do that pro bono?


I’m completely lost as to what you’re trying to say.