The wall funding in exchange for the dreamers?


Yes you did.


Sure it can- it undermines a 50-year old bedrock principle of immigration- family reunification.

The myth is that a reunited family unit sets off a chain reaction that floods us with immmigrants.

This is not true- so no reason to change it.

You don’t change something just because some people believe something false about it.

That’s just ridiculous.


Why would Democrats possibly agree to that? DACA is already protected until 2020
at the minimum when they’ll regain the Senate


Ya it’s ridiculous and a desperate ploy to change the narrative and hope the polls improve. Ain’t gonna happen but perhaps Pelosi should suggest something equally ridiculous.


President Trump could offer complete amnesty, a job for every illegal and a night for Nancy in the Lincoln bedroom and it would do no good. This is not about a wall anymore, this is pure unadulterated democratic spite against Trump. They think they can win this fight and humble Trump and no appeasement is going to satisfy them. However I got news for them they are overplaying their hand and 2020 will reflect their futility.


Yes, if only they were as humble and bipartisan as Donald ■■■■■■■ Trump. Lol


And that Republicans care about families staying together.


Take a look at this polling. What you say is not true.


That analogy doesn’t fit. Those aren’t possessions they are depriving of other people.



10 Char.


Melania trumps parents are citizens of the United States because of chain immigration.

Is that good? @DougBH



Trump sounds like such a doofus when he tries to pretend to be presidential


Why is the kid not in DACA?



ZERO new in the speech.


Just a rehash of the Oval Office address.



He thinks the dem are ready to cave.


He’s an idiot.


He really believes people won’t realize he already made this speech.


We are seriously waiting for McConnell to turn on Trump and pass a veto proof clean CR. Ridiculous.


This has got to be one of the most ridiculous analogies ever but let me ask you if they didn’t know it was stolen should they still go to jail? Sins of the Father and all that?