The wall funding in exchange for the dreamers?


It’s actually not very easy. There’s a backlog of about 10-20 years for ever individual applying for a green card from a family member.


Why do you keep saying free of charge, like they come flooding on in?

The reason chain migration is a myth is it’s DAMN HARD…and NOT free…to get extended family members in.


The parents at least are already here. They’re not getting removed and coming back in. They’re not paying to come here - they’re just already here. That doesn’t seem difficult to me.


I think you lost the thread on this one.


Dreamers are the exception to the rule and there shouldn’t even need to be a discussion about deporting them. They aren’t going anywhere nor should they.


So give them a completely free pass. Got it.


Not extended families. We don’t need village immigration.


For most of the Dreamers, this is the only country they’ve really ever known- so why not?


Really? Then that would be an easy concession for Democrats since it hardly happens anyway.



I think you have a very warped view as to how “chain migration” actually works.

I’m glad that you guys have given up on the whole “I’m not anti-immgration, only anti-illegal immigration” thing, though. At least its more honest.


Go put words in someone else’s mouth, I said no such thing.


But chain migration is a myth, right? They wouldn’t get their parents citizenship, right?

There would be no expectations or anything required of them after getting their free citizenship?


You’re looking at it from the wrong perspective. It should happen more.


So they’re not getting deported, and nothing is required of them… not putting words in your mouth at all.


Few are saying that they should be permanently deported anymore. Its just that there is disagreement about conditions under which an amnesty should be allowed. An amnesty with no compromise is just an invitation for more illegal immigration.


Already talked about this.

You don’t make a change to something just because someone else believes something false about it.


Never said that either, you should try to read better.


You understand theres a big difference between being a citizen and not being deported, right?


So what should be required of them? I’m not hearing any specifics from anybody.


IMO, no. Obviously, you do not have retroactive expulsions whenever you change immigration laws, though.
If you can’t leave your extended family, stay home.