The wall funding in exchange for the dreamers?

I love this idea. Granting legal status to people who have done absolutely nothing wrong is a good idea. Sending them to a country that they know nothing about would be cruel. But we must be careful not to get played. I would not give a thing to anybody until AFTER the first 230 miles of barrier have been completed. We have seen the bait and switch before.

With the Supreme Court refusing to hear the appeal Dreamers are already protected for the next 10-12 months at a minimum

…also Ann Coulter already rejected that compromise

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I would hate that. Not being able to plan my life due to my immigration status. Especially if I did nothing wrong.

I guess if it happens Ann will have to find a way to console herself. Hopefully it’s a better way than what the Trump haters have put themselves through for two years. Poor folks are totally consumed with hate. What an awful way to live.

I agree with you that Republicans are on the wrong side of the DACA debate

But it will take a bargain for it to actually happen. Do the dems care enough to work to solve the issue? Maybe Nancy should offer her dollar to an angel family. Now that would be cute.

Well Mitch already said he won’t bring anything to a vote that Trump won’t sign and Trump has shown that he won’t sign anything that Ann is against so there’s that

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Yet your plan doesn’t protect them during the next year either so where is the motivation for Democrats?

I think trump should write up a specific wall plan with budgets and real plans for addressing private property etc…without that, he can’t really expect anyone to give him anything.


No deal. President Biden would of already granted them amnesty by then.

Gawd. This. Homeland Security needs to do this. Not just $5.6 B for something or other maybe concrete, maybe steel, maybe wall, maybe fence.

Do it the right way!!!

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So if someone robbed a bank, and gave you money from it. And you spend it KNOWING it’s stolen money – instead of returning it – have you done something wrong?

Excellent analogy. Comparing people brought here as children to laundering stolen goods. :clap:


Did the parents break the law bringing the children here? Are the children here illegally?

Sorry, a law was broken, the kids (and most libs) think they poor kids shouldn’t be held accountible.

Guess anyone who deals in stolen property that didn’t actually steal it shouldn’t be held accountable either then.

I’d so like for the Republican Party to officially adopt that stance.

Trump wouldn’t go back on his EO.

So children should be held to the same standard as adults, no more juvenile court system.

The way that law deals with people is, and should be, different than the way that law deals with property.

Trump has already rejected that plan.

He’s a terrible negotiator.