The wall funding in exchange for the dreamers?


What he’s pointing out is that since Trump is heavily influenced by what the CEC says he will never make that compromise.


So much for the ancient Judeo-Christian principle of not holding the children accountable for the sins of their parents…

And your analogy is ridiculous. People are not posssessions.


It ain’t right to hold their legal status hostage for a political victory.


It’s already been offered and trump rejected.



That’s a hard hearted stance.

Which is why obama created the DACA program.

There are different types of illegals in the United States.

You want to deport them all. That’s simply impossible.

Better a common sense solution to the problem.



Congress can easily pass a law remedying this. That scenario is not analogous. DACA recipients are not depriving anyone of their property by being granted legal status.


Trump could have had $25 billion for the wall in a similar exchange. He turned it down.



You do know Trump turned down the deal you posted about in March of last year, right?


In this analogy, the creamers would be the money.

Do you blame the money for being stolen?


In these analogies of yours, the dreamers would be the property. Not the people dealing it.


I don’t have a plan. I’m not in government.


He should have worked harder to get wall funding while the republicans controlled congress.


Did I say that.

But even with juvenile court, kids are held accountable for actions correct?


Fine. The proposal you outlined in the OP is a non starter as it doesn’t give dreamers any more protections over the next 2 years than they have now


For things their parents did? No


Not the first time I’ve herd that about my stance. :smiley:

And he had NO constitutional authority to do so, yet he created a law out of thin air.

Yes there are. And if they came here illegally, they should be removed from the country PERIOD.

Unfortunately I know this. But doesn’t mean as they are found they shouldn’t be deported.

Welcoming them with open arms is NOT a common sense solution.


With 89% of Americans wanting a path of citizenship for dreamers deportation is off the table.


Congress has not been able to pass this easily because of Republican opposition.


Why didn’t he?


Donald is never going to get his wall. So anything he proposes that includes funding for a wall is a no go in the House.