The wall funding in exchange for the dreamers?


Yes they could and on the old board I proposed a plan.

DACA becomes a legal plan passed by congress with these paramaters:

It applies ONLY to those currently in the DACA program. It is plainly stated that if you were brought into the country after the creation of DACA by Obama, you are NOT eligible PERIOD, and expect to be deported (you can thank mummy and daddy for going back to a country you know little to nothing about).

There is a hard date that DACA ends. Permits will be renewed a total of 5 times (10 years). You break the law (felony or more than 2 misdemeanors) and you will be deported. Those in the program can start the application process to become a citizen. If you have not become a citizen in 10 years time, you will NOT be allowed to work under DACA and are once again subject to immediate deportation.

There is NO chain migration under DACA. Parents here illegally – they are still subject to immediate arrest and deportation. No family member or relative gets guaranteed immigration.


Not for crimes the parents committed.

If a 2yo kid is brought to a bank robbery, should they be held accountable for the crime?


Dreamers would NOT be the money. Being in the country against the law is like robbing the bank. The money is equivalent to the house, job, food, and all that they have in this country.


They are being held accountable for being in this country illegally.

If they are working, they are being held accountable for working illegally.


You said the dreamers were like the people who knowingly spent stolen money - they didn’t rob the bank themselves, but they knowingly

That makes no sense. The dreamers had no idea they were committing a crime. They were part of a crime, but completely unciousios of it, and powerless to stop it. They were much more similar to the money. part but not culpable in any way.

Now they find themselves here illegally. Like the money in a bank robbery finds themselves in the hands of other businesses. It arrived their through illicit means, but it had nothing to do with that.


Why would they be held accountable for something that’s not illegal?

As a recipient of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), you will be provided an Employment Authorization card (work permit). A work permit opens doors to new employment opportunities that were previously not available to you.


He didn’t tell me.




It’s just weird to assign blame to everyone but the person who had the power to fix the situation yet didn’t


Before and without DACA. As long as the courts say it’s in effect, they can work legally.

Now what about the kid that was brought here as a 2 year old, now 18, not in daca and has a job: Should they be held accountible for breaking the law?


Just stop. I couldn’t care less about how you judge me. Nothing in the world could possibly be more boring. So there’s that. :sleeping:


You were against it when it was an actual proposal a year or whatever ago.

I swear y’all just be saying anything now.


Should a child whose parents robbed a bank when they were 2 and reaped the rewards while growing up be accountable for breaking the law?


Except it’s the equivalent of a ticketable offense, except if you jump the border which the majority of illegal immigrants don’t do, they overstay on visas.


Deporting massive amount of illegals would greatly effect the gdp.

We don’t have the manpower to do the jobs the illegals do.

Sorry your stance has zero chance of being implemented.

Better to deal with what is than to push a impossible dream.



Stop with the weak persecution complex. I’m judging the stance of blaming everyone but the person who could of fixed the situation and not you personally.


Maybe, maybe not.

I believe we do. It’s just that we american’s won’t do the jobs. Perfect example is all the time on social media I see people posting that they are looking for a job – then they say they want somethign paying $12 an hour and have a list of things they won’t do. I’ve suggested it before and I’ll suggest it again. High unemployment in x city? round up the unemployed and tell them you have a job for them and are going to bus them to it. Watch how many suddenly don’t want to really work.

Not 0 . . . but like only a .005% chance :smiley: And I’ll continue to advocate the removal of people in this country illegally till the day I die.


When Micheal Cohan’s children turn 18, should they be held accountable for reaping the benefits of their father’s life of crime?


…Barron Trump.


What law did he break that he has given his kids a huge bank account?

If they are under 18, then technically they are Cohan’s accounts and they can be seized if the money was improperly made.