The wall funding in exchange for the dreamers?


No. The correct side. Republicans want to pass a DACA law but if we are to have a partial amnesty for illegals it should be with certain immigration and enforcement improvements. Otherwise, it is just an invitation to more illegals and more amnesties in the future.

Which, of course, is what Democrats want.


House Democrat proposed exactly that just today in a spending bill that designates $1billion for additional border security


Except that Senate Dems voted overwhelmingly for $25 billion in wall funding exchange for path to citizenship for DACA recpients.

Forgot that, didn’t we?


So if the person robs the bank while carrying their child in a back harness we should toss the kid in prison, too?


If dear old daddy put the money in a bank account for the kid, once he’s arrested, should the bank account for the kid remain for the kid, or should the money be seized and retunred to the bank?


It should be seized and returned. You’re really reaching with this one.


I’m sorry. but I just don’t think a kid brought here illegally should get to stay and break our laws. yes when the kid gets old enough to work, he will have a choice. Leave the country and go back to where he is a citizen, or find some way of breaking the law and working.

I’m sorry, but by bringing the kid here, dear old mummy and/or daddy is sentencing the kid to breaking the law to survive.


Did I say anything about huge bank accounts?

Mike Cohan…and maybe Manafort is a better example. Or heck, John Gotti…anyone.

Manafort borke all kinds of laws. Used his money to live a great life, raised his kids in teh lap of luxury sent them to private schools, introduced them to influential people, connected them with job opportunities and associates that will serve them well for the rest of their life.

Should they be punished for the crimes of their father? The tuition is paid, the introductions were made…you can not seize those things. Yet the kids will benefit.

Similarly, the dreamed, benefits from the breaking of a law. You want to deport them, so that they can no longer benefit from the commission of the crime.

What is the remedy for the madoff kids, or the manafort kids, or the Choan kids, or the Gotti kids, or hell, the kids of the drug runners, and slingers. the kids, of the jewel thieves and the credit card fraudsters? Of of whom similarly benefited form teh commission of crimes?


I’ve heard people say taxation is theft. While they work for the military.


If dear old daddy used teh stole money to pay for a harvard education, how will you confiscate that money? How will you repeal the benefits of the education the kid enjoyed?


That’s too bad because they’re now protected until 2020 when Democrats will take over the Senate and possibly the White House


Welcoming Dreamers…most of whom were brought here as small children and who really haven’t known any country other than the US…most of whom have led productive lives in the only country they have ever known…with open arms?

ABSOLUTELY it is a common sense solution.


It’s rumored that today’s address by Trump will be some kind of a DACA for all deal.

I have a post on this that I thought was innocuous butnis being held up for approval.

Hopefully they approve it soon so we can discuss.


Not good enough. End chain migration.
Forget that, didn’t we?


That’s because chain migration as it is laid out by Trump and the conservatives is an utter myth.


So are you cool with now only 5 billion for a wall for the Dreamers- without provisions for chain migration?


For a three year deferral, possibly acceptable.


Fine. If its a myth it can’t hurt to end it.


Yeah I only just got the 3 year part. This is in the why bother proposing this category…


The compromise Trump rejected prevented DACA recipients from sponsoring family (which you’ve labeled chain migration).