The Visionless GOP

Is this feature not common across states?

no, but not increasing taxes and growing government is. not much they can do aside from that, brandon is still the president.

doesn’t effect me, or anyone else who doesn’t get their insurance through obama care. don’t know what you have in tx, but here they have plans with 50 copays and no deductable. they have plans with and without deductables, and with and without copays.

I wonder how well this will age come Thanksgiving.

This one is aging like milk.

Do we have our answer?

No they don’t. Obamacare is garbage insurance and without the subsidy it is not “affordable” at all.

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Yet here we are, a Republic.

It had everything to do with the Republicans being only just out-manoeuvred last time by legacy media, Big Tech, and globalist white ants in both parties changing election laws to allow Democrat ballot harvesting.

Republicans have learned from that and are mitigating those Democrat advantages. Who will out-strategise whom next time is moot.

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In name only.

Horse ■■■■

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Oh. We disagree. What a surprise! :grinning:

Perhaps by some self-invented, super convoluted, rat hole of a definition that you want to use, but by the purest and dimplest definition, we ARE a Republic.

Maybe a failing Republic, but a Republic nonetheless.

P.S.-my auto correct insists on capitalizing ‘Republic’, and I’m not going to bother correcting it

Stuck in the same old paradigm…

Ok Governor, I get it. I see the problem.

What are you going to do with them?

I suppose we could allow child labor again. Put the little suckers to work.

In the article.

Asked again about his remarks at a press conference a day later, Abbott said the federal government should foot the bill for their education.

If he got it overturned the feds would have to pick up the tab if they wanted them educated.

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Smaller government?

For Texas and that is who he was elected to represent.

Plus it was a bad ruling.