The Trump admin requested that Shinzo Abe nominate Trump for the nobel peace prize

Boy are you ever cheerful today.

I bet the nomination was a generic letter…

I’m embarrassed for Trump. Asking someone to nominate you…pathetic.


And had he won he would have bragged about it forever.

I’m so glad he didn’t, for that reason alone.

Indeed they did! Making the Nobel Peace Prize a “piece of junk” carnival prize.

First they gave it to Gorbachev and then again to Obama. That Nobel crowd throws a lot of money down the toilet, that’s for sure. :roll_eyes:

And yet Donald Trump wants to be associated with them via this award.

Let that sink in.

I thought he got it because he was the first black man to be elected president and thus broke that barrier since we have had such an issue with race…and given who is running now on the dem side…seems to have fleshed itself out.

And yet, in Dumpster Donnie’s crybaby sing-song speech the other day, his aching jealousy and envy for Obama getting it, and his toddler rage for still not getting it, was right there for the whole world to laugh at. Especially Abe.


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I heard John Barron put in a nomination, too.

“I believe he would have gone to war with North Korea. I think he was ready to go to war. In fact, he told me he was so close to starting a big war with North Korea.”

Obviously I was exaggerating some, but he might as well have said it.

And nothing in this story shows that Trump brought it up at all much less “begged” for it.

Japan and S. Korea have not been engaged in any hostilities in the Post WWII era.

Democratic Japan has never been an enemy of S. Korea. Japan in fact was of great aid during the Korean War giving the US safe bases to operate and launch attacks from their soil as well as evac facilities and hospitals for allied casualties of the war.

Trump hasn’t been propping up any dictators.

Kim certainly hasn’t been in any danger of being deposed before or after Trump’s election.

Now if you’d like to talk about propping up muderous dictators we can discuss Obama and Clinton both propping up the Kim Regime.

Well that certainly isn’t true. We started providing lethal aid to the rebels and greatly enhanced the Kurd’s offensive and defensive capabilities after Obama cut them off.

He also sent in a much larger and more lethal US ground force and dramatically stepped up the scale and frequency of attacks.

Other than that your "source’ would be right.

He wants what Obama has. That’s all.

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Obama couldnt even get that done. No matter how many apology tours

Sorry. You don’t know much about their current relationship.

You can’t wipe away centuries of history.

Class, dignity, intelligence?

Sorry, it seems that ship has sailed…


Respect? Lack of investigations? A basic grasp of governing?

We could do this all day.

My “source” demonstrates that we were already pushing out of lots of Syria when Trump took office.

You said we stepped up the scale and frequency, except it appears you didn’t read this quote from my article, that I even provided for you. Here we go again:

According to Cordesman’s calculations, coalition forces have flown 63,758 sorties, of which 23 percent were flown under Trump. As for air munitions used, coalition forces dropped 65,731 in 2014-2016 versus 36,351 in 2017. That amounts to 36 percent under Trump.

Just like the economy, we were already on a successful trajectory, and while Trump has largely continued the policies with some changes, the situation we’re in today would be very similar to what we would have been assuming Hillary had been in office and simply continued Obama’s policies and strategies.