The Trump admin requested that Shinzo Abe nominate Trump for the nobel peace prize

What? Prop up a murderous dictator?

C’mon, let’s give ol’ “Fire and fury” the prize, why not?

Yeah, we clearly would have gone into nuclear war had Obama stayed in office one more day like Trump suggested.

They should rename the Nobel Prize after Trump. It could use more gold, too.

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Now I don’t care who ya are…that’s funny rite thar. :rofl:

Yes, thanks Trump for continuing Obama’s policy on ISIS!

“There is no doubt that the Trump administration followed the basic strategy set in place by the Obama administration,” said Michael Morell, former deputy director of the CIA. “There is no doubt that Obama would have gotten where Trump is at this moment as well.”

“There were no significant changes in the overall plan in combating ISIS,” said Ali Soufan, chief executive of the Soufan Group, and a former FBI agent who specialized in international terrorism cases. “What we are witnessing today is mostly the fruits of what the former administration started.”

The best anyone can give Trump credit for is:

-continuing the overarching ISIS strategy in Syria that began under Obama
-“loosening the rules of engagement”-has been directly been shown to be effective in some instances, but also at the cost of tripling civilian casualties

Another compelling argument from the article:

Anthony Cordesman of the Center for Strategic and International Studies dismissed land as a fairly useless metric given most of the territory is desert. But he said other metrics, such as air power, also bolstered the case that Obama had done more.

According to Cordesman’s calculations, coalition forces have flown 63,758 sorties, of which 23 percent were flown under Trump. As for air munitions used, coalition forces dropped 65,731 in 2014-2016 versus 36,351 in 2017. That amounts to 36 percent under Trump.

“Obama set up virtually all the structure that did the key fighting under Trump,” Cordesman said. He attributed Trump’s claims of dramatic success as akin to “saying nothing happened in Europe until the allies in the West crossed the Rhine and entered Germany on March 7, 1945.”

He makes a pretty sound analogy. Trump certainly gets some credit here-but he simply took what was there and changed up a few things, with the result simply being what it already likely would have been. It’s one of Trump’s primary MOs.


Really. You don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. I don’t know why so many blame Obama for something he had no control over. He certainly didn’t solicit it for himself like the man child trump did.

Well that’s not what i, or trump, said at all.

But keep writing your fiction.

You’re right.

Obama didn’t deserve his.

I also agree that Obama didn’t deserve his.

And t he Hannity forumites came on en masse to chide him for it.


Typical of Trump always looking for validation…lol

From what I heard, Obama found the whole thing a little embarrassing.

I could understand if he had touted as a great achievement years after getting it, but from what I have seen he didn’t really talk about much after he had gotten it.

Most people who get the Peace Prize are humble enough not to discuss it.

You think Mother Teresa bragged to people about her winning the award?

…which is partially in step with why she received it.

He should be embarrassed…there were way more deserving people than him that year.

It was a case of Obama being a global celebrity.

Yep. That was exactly it. He got it because he wasn’t George W Bush.

He didn’t ask for it.

Funny how it is still his fault though.

You cannot really compare the two situations. Obama was given the Nobel Peace Price without him doing any “sounding out” whereas Trump has solicited the Nobel Peace Price.

And for what its worth I was critical of the decision at the time but I didnt blame Obama. If he had gone around asking people to nominate him then I would have been critical of him.

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For some reason this was removed when I first posted it. My point was how pathetic it is that Trump or his staff had to ask for the nomination, then lie to make it seem like it was Abe’s idea. I did use an unflattering nickname for Trump, but that doesn’t seem like a bootable offense here.

Now that Japan doesn’t have to worry about their age old enemy North Korea they can focus on their other age old enemy South Korea.

The only one saying either of those things is you.

But, whatever.

Say it again if you want to.