The Trump admin requested that Shinzo Abe nominate Trump for the nobel peace prize


“Please, PLEASE let me be better than Obama!”


Like former presidents, Trump is propping up many dictators, such as in Saudi Arabia.


Silly person @Oryx remember they are only dictators if we don’t like them


“It was an honor just to be nominated after having wheedled someone into nominating me.”


Kim Jong Un should be safe then.


Trumps all about stolen honor.


Your “opinion piece” doesn’t dispute any fact I stated on the subject much less in the quote you posted.

They are allies because they have mutual interests not because they are the closest of friends.

Even the best of friends and families have issues and disputes.


Your facts don’t tell the whole story. As always; you focus on hard power because it’s easy to understand. You ignore everything else which leads you to incompete conclusions.


Shouldn’t a nomination be by someone else not something you do yourself?


Two very bad men


My conclusion was completely accurate. The two have not been engaged in hostilities since the end of the occupation and remain allies to this day.

Yes there is history, yes there are still hard feelings among many just like there were between the US and Japan in the post war era but we had common threats we allied against for mutual benefit.

Nothing I said was incorrect.


Not engaging in hostilities is the silliest way to measure a relationship. This isn’t a video game.

I’ll go with the opinions of people who live there rather than some self appointed geopolitical expert from small town America. When was the last time you spent any time in Japan?


I was going to say he would establish his own award (using other people’s money) called, Trump ____________ Prize, but I think he’s been barred from “charitable” activities.


Was Japan “giving” the US bases and aid one of those facts?

Was Japan in any position to refuse us?


The end of the Occupation of Japan ended before The Korean War was even over.

Try again.


“Over” being the operative word there, not before.

You made it sound like they were doing us a favor and had a choice. More like an offer they couldn’t refuse


They could have refused on day one after the Occupation ended.