The Stock Market


Aliens, the Jfk assassination, lefties are good with conspiracy theories in general.


Mmmhmm. It’s the leftists…

A majority of men, women, white people, people of color, registered voters, non-registered voters, old people, young people, Democrats, Republicans and so on all believe that more than one person was involved in Kennedy’s assassination. This is one of the few questions in this polarized age on which you can even find agreement among Hillary Clinton voters (59 percent believe in a conspiracy) and Trump voters (61 percent).


Actually I believe it was closer to 2-3rds of all Americans think that he was assassinated.
I’m sure that several people from both sides of the spectrum believe it also, but I’m not
one of those people.

Do you have the statistics for the 33.3 percent that don’t believe it was?

You brought up Conspiracies, and I was just adding the fact that the Democratic Party
is known for coming up with Conspiracy theories.


actually fear and greed.


Personally, I think that it’s the Democratic Politicians, but that’s just me.

Are you a Democrat? Because that’s a conspiracy theory.


For myself anyways, ever since I grew up as a little child it was common sense,
that everyone knew that Democrats always had a thing about Conspiracies,
and Conspiracy Theories.

If you don’t fall in that category then I honestly do apologize,
but I personally don’t believe in Aliens, or the theory that JFK was assassinated.
Everyone is entitled to his or her own believes, so “to each is their own.”




lol. sorry tounge tied.

That the JFK assassination was a conspiracy Theory. lol.

I’m out of it right now. lol. :drooling_face::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


If Maxine Watters, and Alexandria Cortez is going to take over the Financial areas,
I think that we’re all screwed in general. But than again, that’s just me.

It especially bad because of some of the things they said they’ve wanted to do
financial wise to America.


I was WRONG what I had originally said about this. I think that it’s 2-3rds of all Americans believe in this.

I don’t because it’s a conspiracy theory, and doesn’t
make logical sense to me. But hey! “to each is their own.”

Yes, I realize that Trump supporters, and Democrats believe in this also.

So how are Stocks doing?


Has it fallen since then?

Anyways, Trumps Tariffs on China help the American people, and hurt
Amazon. So it works out, I guess.


Trump’s tariffs don’t seem to be “helping” all the American farms going bankrupt.

How are they “hurting” Amazon?


Tariffs arent hurting Amazon, but why do you celebrate hurting a private company that employs 10s of thousands of Americans?


Customers are the only one who are ever “hurt” by pass through costs like tariffs.


Are we talking long-term or short-term?
Does morality matter if that comes into play at all job wise?

Amazon is a major player and donor for the Democratic Socialist Politicians.
I guess when the Democratic Politicians take over the country and tell people
what to eat, and what jobs to have(for those that decide to work, but if you
don’t want to work you still get paid and don’t have to work.). Maybe minimum
wage can go up to 20 dollars an hour? Of course when that happens, what
happens to the people that went to college to get a higher education of learning
for their job that currently make 20 dollars an hour? do they get a raise to 30 dollars an hour?

Private companies, like a persons own doctor, and not Obamacare that will be for everyone. Wait everyone, but the tip tipiest of tops, like Cortez and Politicians in general. I’m sure they still get private doctors that are the best of the best in this country, while the rest of us get any old doc.

Maybe the Democratic Politicians are making a deal with Amazon for down the road
in the future? Any American company that is for America, will understand to
help America, that they will stop doing so much other business in other countries.
That inturn will bring more jobs to America, and more money will stay in America in general. Do you not want more money, and more jobs ultimately to stay in America?

I mean at least for those companies willing to stop outsourcing all of their jobs, and
parts, to other countries that is.

I’m guessing most investors that are rich, wouldn’t like Trumps plan, because
it worry’s more about what’s good for the American People ultimately,
and less about what’s good for people to easily just get rich off, and the big


The Liberal Politicians will probably just take over the Farmers land
so they can get rid of cows, and tell us all what to eat.

I mean, Global Warming is evil, and Cows are a hug cause of it!
Stupid Cows keep producing Methane!
Plus meat is bad for you! I know because Corey Booker told me so!


So it doesn’t Hurt China, and Help America when we put Tariffs
on the things that they’re shipping in from their country to us?

Why do they do it to us then, do you think?
It’s the Same reason why China takes over our Markets and Dominates
things business wise time after time in this country. Because they
come in with extremely low costing items, and American buy those
items, over more American made products, hence making American
made products go out of business, and then the Chinese products
can dominate the market even more, until sooner than later, there
will only be Chinese products left, and they will control every market or
most within America.


It hurts the consumers of each respective country, which yes you could call “China” and/or “USA”.

I guess the consumers in the USA are supposed to feel better about paying more if they know “the other guys” are too?


So you think by pushing all of the lower Chinese made things in America more
so off the market, and bringing more American Jobs back to America,
would not only be bad for America, but bad for our consumers?

First off, the Consumers would have more money in their pockets
to purchase things, and secondly the American companies would then be able
to compete with Chinese made products, because of the Tariffs.


Tarrifs are not “pushing all of the lower Chinese made things in America more
so off the market”.

False narrative. They are just more expensive.