The Stock Market

The New York Stock Exchange. The Stock Market in general.

When you think about the Stock Market, what political group do you think
mainly controls it?

Personally, I think that it’s the Democratic Politicians, but that’s just me.

Politicians don’t control the stock market

The stock market does control politicians though.

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And how do they do that?

“It’s one big club, and you ain’t in it!” lol

Oh well. I was always more of a rebel anyways, and did my own thing.

I’m incredibly curious why even when Trump, and the economy does thrive
under Trump’s term in office, that the Stock Market can still fluctuate so greatly.

I mean, New York is an extremely Liberal Democrat state.

I don’t know who controls it. But they are totally paranoid. Nothing is based in reality. It’s driven by irrational “worries and fears.” The market can lose and gain 1000 points in a week without a single thing changing. Other than the “worries and fears.”

well, it does help when most of the major corporations are owned by Liberals.

Such as Google, and Facebook, Amazon. lol.

Why do you think people like that Orange haired dude that’s the head of
facebook has had to explain the Ethics of his company in front of a board
of politicians before?

Why is it that we hear every once in awhile how Facebook, or Google is suppressing
a Conservatives voice, or puts most searches from a Conservative point of view further
down on a Google search?

It can also be driven by unbridled and unrealistic optimism.

The stock market is a poor indicator of economic strength. I’ve said this consistently but it seems that Trump supporters have only figured this out in the last few months due to all the “glitches”.

The Democrat Liberal Biased Media(ABC,CBS,NBC, MSNBC, and CNN) are the
ones that constantly bring it up, because they want the American people to panic,
and think that Trump is doing a horrible job.

If what you say is true, then why do they keep bringing it up in a negative manner,
and saying that it’s all Trumps fault?

That is true. The emotion can go either way. It’s just a little crazy having so many retirement plans subject to the emotions of some coked up day trader.

Long term it evens out. If you have a better way, I’m all ears.

But no one actually at retirement age should have a lot of their wealth in equities.

Well, investors are a little nervous these days much of it has to do with Trump. Should they not report these facts?

True. But it’s all guess work. You can be ready to pull the trigger and then have it all trashed by “worries and fears.” It’s all timing.

It’s not all guess work. Apple announced a major downward revision in expected revenues. Their stock price fell substantially. Manufacturing index was down. Stocks in that sector fell.

We should ask the Democratic Politicians why Social Security is in so much debt?

Especially when the pilled on 8 trillion dollars to the national Debt.

You would think that with all of that debt, that the programs that they’re known for,
would be out of debt???

I would like to see congressional retirement plans connected to social security. Whenever our retirement is pushed back, so is their’s. If social security goes bankrupt, the people who bankrupted it don’t get paid either. Of course the greedy bastards won’t go for that. It’s a me first situation with them.

So you think that the Politicians won’t get paid in some way, or steal from the taxpayers or something, if several organizations go bankrupt? lol.

There are governors who get caught stealing money from their state, and they still get reelected. There are other governors and politicians who do illegal things, and they are forced to retire. Do you think that even though they shouldn’t get any more money from Americans for doing evil things, that most of the time they do or don’t still get paid? lol.

A lot of them still get their retirement money, no matter what they do illegal wise pretty much, and that is the harsh reality of the matter. It’s corruption within corruption that most of
the media, and most of the Politicians don’t want people to know that much about.

It happens on both sides of the spectrum, so no, I’m not just talking about one party or the other.

No. That’s why I called them greedy Bastards. Everything they have from health care, to vacation, to salary or what ever has to be top notch and at our expense. Nothing is too good for the ruling class.

So, if you agree with me, then why did you say this part?