The Stock Market


Their salary isn’t that great. Their health care plans used to be the exact same as any other federal employee but thanks to the ACA they have to use the exchange. Their retirement pension plan isn’t anything special.


Sure. Our government is made up of selfless saints. They should be trusted with as much control as possible. Thank you for helping me understand that.


Everything you guys say is true in this thread. That’s why I convert 75% of my paycheck to gold or crypto-currencies like bitcoin.


Uuuuum What? lol.



What? I’m just saying this belief that they’re all getting rich of government dollars is bunk. Make it harder on them and you’ve prevented all but the independently wealthy to be in Congress. Is that what you want?


Well first off, a Politician is suppose to be a Civil Servant for the American people in general.

The fact is, they’re not only getting paid say 150 thousand dollars to do their job(which is a lot
of money now adays, especially for the average joe, they aint hurting money wise).

Most of them are probably taking bribes and kick backs, and possibly even from the taxpayers, or their state, or inside trading. I mean, the money can come from so many different places. Making up false organizations, so they can pocket the money for themselves.


Not all of them are rich when they get to congress. But if they last long enough, they are all filthy stinkin rich when they leave. Look at Casio- Cortez. Poor girl doesn’t have two nickels to rub together. But if she lasts three or four terms she will be set for life. Paul Ryan, 42 years old and set for life. That doesn’t happen much in the private sector. No, they are not average. And where did they get all of that money?


Not everything everyone says within this thread is true.

But converting a certain amount of each paycheck to those things,
may actually be a pretty good idea. At least I think gold.


What about bitcoin? Everyone I talk to says that’s the new thing.


Well, when it comes to Paul Ryan, he married a woman who inherited millions. That’s where it came from.


Yeah, and she’s also a Democrat.

Paul Ryan is like McCain, He’s a traitor to the Republican party!


Eh, I don’t know that much about it. I do know that Gold is never a bad choice though.

It’s stood the test of time.


You have to separate short term vs long term. Look at Amazon ten years ago to where it is today.


It’s actually $174,000, and that’s for barely part time “work”.


Exactly how many “major corporations” are owned by liberals?

BTW… re your OP… Google, Facebook, Amazon are listed on the NASDAQ, not the NY Stock Exchange.

If Democratic politicians were somehow controlling the stock market (they’re not), why would they let the 148% growth from the Obama years continue when a republican took over?


I wanted to round down, that way a Democrat couldn’t come back and say that
they actually made 149 thousand 999 dollars. lol.


Nasdaq, NY stock Exchange, both Liberal. lol.

Exactly how many major corporations are owned by Liberals?
I already named some big ones, that I think everyone knows. I said them first
and then you repeated them back to me.

I think it’s pathetic personally, how Facebook and Google can steal your privacy and learn everything about you, and then sell that info to other companies, and yet a Teorrists, or a kid that shoot up a school goes online before hand and says that they’re going to blow something up or go on a shooting rampage, and yet Facebook says it can’t intervein or makes up some bs about their privacy then. Or maybe it’s because Marky Mark own Facebook and he’s a Liberal, and the Liberal Politicians love him, and pay him off, for allowing Anarchy reign in the U.S.?


The stock market is controlled by greed.


15 years ago, it was crazy lefties with the corporate conspiracies.

Today, it’s the Trumpists.

Edit: had a great Team America clip here but had to delete because of Film Actors Guild acronym . …


Those who have it, and those who want it.