The Stock Market


Over 60+ years ago, when China was having more and more products come into
America, they were being made at a cheaper price, but the quality was more
poor than American made things. So most people, as well as companies in America
said, it’ll never last, or the consumer will prefer to buy our product over theirs.

Turned out that most people are willing to buy a crappy made products sever times, compared to an American made one that’s made to last. Slowly over the next 60 years, their inferior products starting getting a little better with quality. Most Chinese things made are still inferior products quality wise, and most people would still prefer to buy something cheaper with less quality.

Now if you drive up the prices from foreigners in this country, and they have an inferior product still, and then cost nearly the same as an American made product, more
people logically and common sense wise, are going to start more American made products.

Because American companies can still make their quality built products, but now they can compete price wise. More people will think and say, I’ll pay the same or a little extra for a better built product, compared to foreign built, and more companies will start producing more products in America, therefore keeping more jobs in America, more money in America, and Making America Great Again!

Or we could always just stay how we were, and go the way of the Bush’s, Clinton, and Obama? I’m sure that foreign trade was doing great under them.


Do you support 15 dollar an hour minimum wage under Bernie boy,
and the Socialist Politician Party(SPP)?

My question is what is going to happen to all of those people making a descent
living wage right now that make 13-15 dollars an hour, and currently not
on minimum wage?

Do all of them get a pay increase? Especially if they have a certification or a degree
in something?

Stupid one percenters!!! Buzz Buzz Jeffrey! Buzz Buzz! :honeybee::honeybee::honeybee::honeybee:


First of all, every US tariff on Chinese goods is matched by Chinese tariffs on US goods going to China… which is why soy bean exports to China has stopped. Your notion of winning assumes the US is the only actor, but we are not. Donald Trump has said that trade wars are easy to win. Can you cite ONE EXAMPLE of a country winning a trade war?

Second, you seem to see the situation as Chinese companies make things in China and American companies make things in America. But you miss the fact that most American manufacturing companies now do their manufacturing overseas to take advantage of low cost labor. So you not only have to influence the behavior of the Chinese but you have to influence Apple, Ivanka Trump’s clothing and millions of other companies that manufacture off shore.


Most large companies are owned by their shareholders, and they in turn are people and entities (like pension funds) who have the money to buy stock.

Interesting that you cite three Internet companies as liberal. If you look at Silicon Valley you will find many more libertarians in the tech industry than liberals. But that said, can you name any Oil Companies that are “owned” by liberals? How about Financial Service companies? How about Insurance Companies.

WalMart and Koch Industries are companies owned by conservatives who are much more clearly conservative than Bezos, Brin or Zuckerberg.

If you look at large corporations (Koch and WalMart are exceptions by the way), they contribute to both parties because they have to hedge their bets. Remember the number of Democratic candidates who received money from the Trump Organization, operating in New York.


Maybe we should ask the richest person in the world who he backs politics wise? He owns Amazon. I personally, like to call him Buzz Buzz Jeffrey.
I’m sure that Jeffrey enjoy shipping as much as he possible can over to China.

I think you fail to realize how many Liberals kill American jobs by shipping over
to China? Look at CNBC. They have a whole show dedicated to Shark Tank.
Most of those Venture capitalists, are Liberals, and most of them prefer shipping jobs over to China.

I also think that you fail to realize how much it hurts out economy, and undermines
American companies in general by China having such a low cost of their goods intentionally, so they can dominate our economy, ultimately forcing American companies somewhat to send their companies over there, to be able to compete with
their companies, because a Chineese person will work for pennies on the dollar, with no breaks, and no benefits.

Where’s are the Liberal Politicians When it comes to Equality on this, not calling
the Chinese out even more? Don’t Liberal Democrat Politicians believe in Equality around the World, and not just in America?

Or where is Al Gore when it comes to China not
calling them out, and letting them off of the hook because out of any country in the world, China has the biggest carbon footprint??? Maybe we can ask Obama, and
see what the Paris deals included? See if Obama held the Chinese accountable
for all of their emissions?


I don’t know where you get your information from and it is hard to unpack all the things you are claiming.

Right now Amazon is the biggest: Bezos is a libertarian – plain and simple. Amazon displaced WalMart, an ardently conservative company, and no company did more than WalMart to force US consumer goods companies to move their manufacturing off shore. What do you think was the underpinning of WalMart’s “every day low prices” drive?

One of the largest trends in our economy over the past forty years has been the growing portion of the GDP in financial services, rather than in manufacturing. Can you name one leader in Financial Services who is a liberal?

The American business community is overwhelmingly conservative. The Wall Street Journal is a conservative paper. The Harvard Business School is overwhelming conservative AND overwhelmingly pro-outsourcing. Among small businesses, the Chamber of Commerce is ardently conservative. Even the Aspen Institute has a major classroom building named for Charles and David Koch.

Tell me what you object to in the Paris Accord other than the fact that Obama negotiated it? There’s a lot of conservative misinformation about the Accord – and its a shame that Trump, in his “I gotta reverse everything Obama did” mode dropped out of it.

A great conservative economist – Joseph Schumpeter taught that the essence of capitalism is creative destruction. You are describing creative destruction and calling it liberalism. Schumpeter would not be convinced.

The main opponents of the free trade that you see as so evil were the labor unions – a group of liberal organizations – who were crushed by the conservative movement led by Ronald Reagan when he fired the air traffic controllers. Do you think Reagan was a liberal?

Then along comes Donald Trump with his populist appeals to restore manufacturing, restore coal and fix all the trade deals.

He has not fixed a single trade deal (his minor modification of NAFTA is yet to be enacted; he cannot reverse the market forces undermining coal; and fewer manufacturing jobs were created in Trump’s first two years as President than in Obama’s last two years. What he has accomplished is a tax cut that greatly enriched the wealthy while not delivering any of its promised increased in investment, job creation or wage increases for ordinary workers. When you look at how Trump’s tax cut has accelerated the concentration of wealth in the 1% and the expense of you and me are you going to conclude that that too was the fault of liberals?


Walmart is Conservative? Where are you getting this info from?
Let’s ask Hillary Clinton? She was on the board of directors there.

:honeybee::honeybee: For supposedly being a “Libertarian” Jeffrey
sure likes to give money to Liberal Politicians. Just look up the Liberals
vacation in Puerto Rico, while the government was shut down.

I Object to Obama and the Democrats constantly lying to the American
people about how Global Waming is supposedly real, and yet if it was
real you would think that Obama and Democrat Politicians would hold
accountable China(the worlds largest producer of emissions)???
and yet any time the Democrats have the Presidency and the house and senate
they look the other way when it comes to China and Global Waming.
Why is that?

Democrats keep talking about getting rid of fossil fuels, coal miners jobs.
The Democrat Politicians have betrayed the Unions in America. People
that work for the Unions realize this, and that is why more of them
voted for Trump, than compared to past Republicans running for office.

George Soros is a Liberal and a Billionaire. Jeffrey Buzz Buzzz :honeybee::honeybee: is the richest man alive, and he’s a Liberal donor. Bernie Sanders is a Millionaire, and he constantly preaches about the 1 percent.

So what 1 percent do you mean? I would think that the 1 percenters in this
country would be millionaires, which most Democrat Politicians at least have.


Why are you doing this to yourself?


The Walton family, who own the bulk of WalMart since Sam Walton founded it, are ardent conservatives. This is not an arguable point.

The only people lying to you about global warming are the people being paid by the Koch Brothers and other energy interests convince you to look the other way. The science is well established. So is the propaganda. But the science remains correct.

Coal mining jobs are disappearing because the price of natural gas makes coal unsupportable. This has nothing to do with politicians. More coal fired plants have closed during the Trump Administration than any two years of the Obama Administration.

There was no vacation in Puerto Rico during the shutdown, there was a combination fact finding mission and celebration of Lin-Manuel Miranda finally getting his effort to use “Hamilton” to raise money down there launched. Every Congressperson goes on such missions and many are dubious.

For every George Soros there is a Sheldon Adelson as a counter example. So what’s your point… beyond your talking points? Are you trying to prove anything or are you just tossing mud at the wall and hoping something sticks?

What are you trying to say about the New York Stock Exchange?


Sam Walton is dead unfortunately.

Walmart isn’t what it use to be.
Sam’s kids run the business now. Walmart puts a lot of mom and pop shops
out of business. Everything under one roof at Walmart. Walmart is
perfect for the Socialist Agenda of the far Left wingers like Bernie Sanders.

So you don’t think that China produces the most emissions out of any country
in the world? Do you find it ok that Obama, and the Democrat Politicians did
nothing to make them cut back? I mean that would be the logic thing to do,
if Global Warming is real would it not be? “Global Waming” isn’t real. lol.

So Cortez never said that we should get rid of fossil fuels? Do you remember
when Hillary was running for President, and she accidentally slipped, and said
that she would get rid of coal mining jobs? I remember it specifically, because
it was so funny that she slipped and said the wrong thing. She immediately took
it back of course, after the bad reaction people had to her saying that.

Bob Menedez didn’t look like he was having fun for sure. He’s like 66. I wonder
how old that girl was in the picture?

You and Democratic Politicians are the ones that constantly preach about the 1 percenters. That what my point is. You just helped prove it. The Democratic Politicians try and make it seem that only Republicans are in that one percent, when most people
realize that most of the Democratic Politicians are in that 1 percent also.


So what you are saying about WalMart is that Big Business = Socialism. Are you going to say that WalMart’s intense opposition to labor unions = socialism as well.

You are very angry about a lot of things, but what are you really angry about? You jumping through so many points confuses me. You seem angry that Democrats hide their support for the 1%. And clearly, there are Democrats like Chuck Schumer who are as beholden to the 1% as Mitch McConnell or Paul Ryan. But when Democrats like Sanders and AOC propose policies to constrain the 1% you are mad at that too. Can you tell me one thing someone can propose that you would support?

Besides opening more coal mines.


You seem to enjoy putting words in my mouth, that
I never say. I’m against big government, and think that Big Government=

I’m not for a company(Walmart), that intentionally says that they “care” about
people, and the middle class, and yet intentionally for over 20+ years works
people part time as close as they can get to full-time hours, simply so
they don’t have to pay out money to innocent single mothers, and other
people who need benefits in general.

If good employers give benefits out to people, then most people wouldn’t
need things like Obamacare. Instead the Socialists want more and more
millions of people on food stamps, Obamacare, welfare, and other government
programs so everyone can rely on the Government to take care of them.

Strategically, since Walmart has been one of the biggest companies in America,
and keeps growing, I would think that they could control a lot of what
happens in America Politically for several different things. Let’s ask
Hillary Clinton maybe? She was on the board of the directors there.

Hillary, was it part of the Liberal Democrat Agenda to intentionally not give
your workers at Walmart benefits, so you could push your Socialist Healthcare
on Americans? I think it makes logical sense. I’m pretty good with strategic issues
though. lol.


Over the last forty years, large corporations, both American and global, have directed wage growth solely to top management, have cut benefits to employees making them more dependent on government safety nets and have outsourced many well-paying jobs that previously were held by Americans.

I think we both agree that overall this was a bad thing.

Where we disagree is you see corporate actions as promoting socialism. I urge you to spend a short time with the Wall Street Journal, the website of any major business school, or the annual report of any major corporation. A little time with the facts will make it clear that the American corporations (and the Stock Market) are the domain of conservative monopoly (not free market) capitalists.

In contrast, consider how Democratic Socialist AOC just raised the salaries of all her staff so that they would earn a living wage. That’s what socialists do apparently. I read on the Fox News site that this was terrible and you might agree with Fox. But you cannot argue that socialists both raise wages and benefits and also lower wages and benefits. So, if WalMart is a bunch of Hillary Clinton led socialists are you saying Ocasio-Cortez is a capitalist? Help us out here


I agree that Walmart rips off their employees and is more of a Socialistic type company now. That sucks for Single Parents. It sucks that Walmart would rather see them on Obamacare, and food stamps, then making it on their own, and giving them their
own insurance plan. :frowning:


I congratulate you on a truly unique point of view, in which large corporations are avatars of socialism.


who knew right!?

Big Government=Socialism
Large Corporations help with Big Government.

Makes logical and common sense to me!


10 years after the ACA was signed some people clearly dont have any idea what it is, so its no wonder so many other seemingly simple concepts are also not understood.


Cortez would say that if you add like 2 +10 together and stuff, that is
when the world is ganna end and stuff, because of like heat and stuff
from Global Warming, and stuff. lol.

She has a degree in Economics, and came up with the Green New Deal.
The Green New Deal is insane.

The people with money, are leaving those Liberal states like New York, and IL.,
making the rest of the people in those states suffer the Raising of Taxes
from the Liberal Socialists in those states. Special taxes, for things like
cigarettes, and bag taxes.


And this word salad has exactly what to fo with my post?


What can anything “fo” with your post?

How does one “fo”?

What is your definition of “fo”?