The 'Rona Truth in One Thread

Last year, the CDC limited the emergency use authorization of the vaccine to adults for whom other vaccines aren’t appropriate or accessible due to risk of a rare and dangerous clotting condition called thrombosis with thrombocytopenia syndrome (TTS) after receiving the vaccine.

Oh…I…think I’m having a no ■■■■ moment. :roll_eyes:


The same people that lied and said it would keep one from getting the covid assure us you’ll have milder symptoms if you take it.

once i’m lied to i have trouble believing anything someone says to me.

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A lot of stuff didn’t make sense. Once the vaccine was made available to everyone, mandates didn’t make sense. It didn’t stop you from spreading it.

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Well done Rubio.

Confirms what we suspected.


What makes him so sure it was an accident?

from your link.

“ After years of censorship, there is growing evidence that some type of lab accident is responsible for the Covid-19 pandemic,”

Sounds far fetched eh?


Warfare Beyond Rules

Doctrinally, China has recognized the critical role the human domain will play, and some Chinese thinkers have already rejected moral limits on SBWs. In 1999, PLA Colonels Qiao Liang and Wang Xianghui published Warfare Beyond Rules, a treatise on asymmetric conflict that advocates for “warfare beyond all boundaries and limitations.” Qiao and Wang emphasize that China must be prepared to synchronize all government capabilities at all levels of competition, with all tools considered legitimate. These include: conventional, “biochemical,” “ideological war,” and other means of conflict.16

In this framework, chemical and biological weapons “are nothing more than nontraditional weapons whose mechanisms have been altered and whose lethal power and destructive capabilities have been magnified several times over.”17 With nothing inherently immoral in their use, “new concept weapons” such as SBWs are evaluated strictly on military utility.18 The work received high-level praise within China—Qiao was promoted to major general, and he and Wang still shape the next generation as national security lecturers.19

“This study identified a variety of significant indicators that the PRC [People’s Republic of China] authorities and relevant figures in the scientific community possessed some level of awareness of an outbreak of infectious disease well in advance of the first disclosure of this information to the public on December 31, 2019,”

Oh…that China was buying up all of the world’s PPE wasn’t a clue? How about they stopped flights from Wuhan throughout China but…not the rest of the world.

April 30, 2020, 10:55 AM IST
There is new evidence to show that China locked down all domestic traffic internally by end January 2020 but pushed to open foreign travel till end March. Data from Tom Tom traffic index, a traffic location site that covers 416 cities across 57 countries show that as a result of this strategy, China, intentionally or otherwise, was able to lockdown its cities unknown to the world. While this reduced the spread of the Corona virus within China, China’s aggressive foreign travel policy lead to a virus explosion worldwide.

The world is completely aware of what China did. The question is, what is the world going to do about it? If the last 3 years are any indication, the answer is…NOTHING.


I believe it started that way but how China handled it, was criminal IMO.

I see absolutely no reason to give the CCP the benefit of the doubt. You yourself posit they were evil enough to spread it intentionally.

…nor Fauci. He started it, then shipped it to Wuhan and China let it escape from the lab. It was all predictable but somebody had to decide…it was worth the risk and that somebody is FAUCI!



The script reads more like a Tom Clancy novel than an accident report.

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I would bet intentional myself. Can’t prove it but my “gut” says intentional.

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Anyone remember how “breaking the bond” occurred just prior to Obama being elected causing the economic crisis of 2008? I do.

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I am going with accidentally on purpose.

We will never prove intent.

That is fine, just separate economically and call it a day.

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“Accidental, never let a crisis go to waste”?

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On purpose with plausible deniability…clever as they are.


I remember when people were allowed to go to baseball games and stuff like that. They were supposed to wear masks. People suggested that they drink from a straw and eat with the mask on. This is how psychotic it got. Absolutely freakish.

fauci no mask

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