The Republican Party post Trump?

I made this thread largely for those here who indicated that they voted Republican in the past but had left because of Trump. So assuming that the states that are currently blue hold and Biden wins what are your thoughts and how do you hope the Republican party emerges from here?

PS - All others feel free to comment as well.

The GOP isn’t going to change.

Trumpism works.

This is just a minor set back.

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I really hope you’re wrong. We need to have two reality based political parties.

Yep I agree.

There needs to be a rational Conservative party for the nation to operate.


Worse, the DNC will likely mimic the Trumpist formula.

How long before Biden becomes the first President since Obama to start a new war? :rofl:


Yeah. That would be a horror show.

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As long as republicans hold the senate, Trumpism will continue. So for at least the next couple of years, I see no future for the party I was a member of for 36 years.

be careful of what you wish

I wish another war would start (foreign or domestic) that would require me to be recalled into the Army Infantry. The benefits of serving another warmongering President would suit me just fine. :wink:

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^ From the party of the four year hate fest meltdown.

Be reasonable.


What policies or platform wasn’t part of the RNC before Trump was President? Just so we know what the change you need to see is.

To answer the question actually posed and not vomit TDS all over the place:

I agree with @SixFoot in another thread - policy without the personality. I’ve been saying it for 5 years.

However I think they also need to change some of the policies.

As I watched the Justice Barrett hearings, a couple of people impressed me, including her.

I think her manner of answering the stupid questions and accusations was perfect. “You can spout your nonsense all day long, as soon as it’s my turn we’re going back to policy.”

The bombastic types like Jim Jordan are fine for the House, it’s supposed to be a clown show. Not for the Senate or President.

I actually think a good model on comportment to follow would be Obama. His policies sucked, but he learned how to talk without kowtowing. But I like Barrett even better.

Whoever it is, they have to deal with a hostile media. Trump went too crude. He made it personal. Better to chuckle and then hammer the dumbasses with facts. Reporters are stupid, it shouldn’t be that hard. McEnany did a pretty good job of that.

As far as policy, the GOP is out of touch and leaving a huge demographic out in the cold. They need to get with the times.

I laid it out somewhere.


I hope they learn. I doubt they will.



What war did Obama start? Is ordering strikes a war?

Uh huh, I can tell you used to be a staunch Republican.

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Dig up Muammar and ask him.

So a lib is telling us how a conservative to operate their party…that’s rich.


Don’t care.