The New Republican Guard

I’m not confident in the outcome. I have no idea what the outcome will be. I know the process is complete. I also know that whatever the outcome, this phase of American politics is over. Trump can’t go again (22nd) and Biden will be lucky to last one term.

Either way the 80 year-olds are done.

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And drowned every good thing he did in a sea of bull ■■■■■

That same argument was levied against Trump himself prior to 2016. It’s not common but he has proved in the right set of conditions lightning can strike.

If a principled Republican’s base threatens his job security that same Republican will meekly line up behind the worst, most implausible personality available, throwing principles right out the window. Exhibit A: Ted Cruz.

Yes, Democrats are no different.

Trump utterly bungled responding to the pandemic, and if he loses in two weeks it will be due in no small part because of that.

I imagine Trump will work it even harder if re-elected for a 2nd term.

History may still look at his overall Presidential legacy very kindly when it is all said and done.

Mitch McConnell is 78 years old. When he gets reelected, he will be 84 years old at the end of his next term.

Feinstein is already 87.

Graham is only 65, but he has the mindset of 75.

What the hell do these people know about this world?

Who will the GOP run for President in 2024? If they are 50 but talk like 80, they’ll lose.

It is time for the GOP to move forward - while maintaining the fundamentals and principles. That is conservatism.

Limited government - while subpoena are being issued for for ■■■■■■■ Twitter? COME ON!

Ban TicToc? COME ON!

On what limited government, Constitution-loving basis is weed illegal? COME ON!

On what limited government, Constitution-loving basis is homosexual marriage illegal? COME ON!

I don’t discuss abortion much, it aggravates me. But on what limited government, Constitution-loving basis is it illegal? COME ON! Now government funding is different. At central government level. At the state level, what authority does Centgov have to tell a state they can’t subsidize it? COME ON!

The republicans are every bit as much big government as dems.

If the GOP legalizes weed, stops ■■■■■■■ with the homosexuals, stops pretending they are going to make abortion illegal, how do they ever lose again?

Immigration - nobody is going to deport DACA people. Nobody. They need to be made citizens and it doesn’t need to take 5 more years to do it. We have the most bureaucratic, ■■■■■■ up immigration process I’ve ever seen. GOP makes even a micro improvement and get DACA out of limbo, how do they lose?

Judge Barrett did a great job of modeling “not my lane”. The Centgov GOP needs to do the same. If California wants to let illegals take entry level jobs from the black nation, let them. If the black nation doesn’t like it, they can vote them out.

The GOP needs to focus on turning the people who are actually here into republicans instead of trying to keep people who aren’t (yet) out. They’re going to come no matter what anyone does.

If they come here as adults and behave for 5 years, make them citizens. If they commit a crime, deport them then. We have no moral authority to deport DACA with the ■■■■■■ up system we have.

Always look to cut spending and taxes. Stop endless wars. Stop government overreach.

Fundamentals and principles grounded in the reality of the situation on the ground.


Maybe. And he will still drown it in a sea of bull ■■■■■ He’s a wrecking ball, not a governor.

Dam good post! That could turn me into a Republican.

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Damn, Sneaky. Well said.

The GOP follows thru with even half of that and I would return to the fold.

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If I was King of the GOP, I’d be working on single payer healthcare 18 hours a day. Show the world how to do it right. Our healthcare system is almost as screwed up as our immigration system. It can be done.

I add that to the above and how can I lose?

Damn…she pretty hot too.

Stop playing to the fringe base and build a new base.

Let the dems live on the edge with that crap they loosed on the country.

The more “reasonable” I am, the more insane they look.


Sneaky…this is the mindset that could have saved the R party in my town.

I made an impassioned plea to the republican organization when I was about 32. The organization was made up of people 60 and older. My dad was the chairman and agreed with me. He knew if new blood was not brought in…if new ideas were not embraced…the party would lose out.

This was a year before the first democrat mayor in my town’s 180-year-old history. Most of them like my dad are gone now, or have retired and no longer care. Me, I gave up trying to talk to these old, idealess people.

Your post is very interesting…and it embraces my very mindset of the past five years.

I don’t know how you make single-payer work. People don’t want to pay 50 to 60 percent to cent gov for free healthcare.

Thank God!!!

Looks like you called it @Guilds . 39 posts to figure out the topic. Amazing.

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50 to 60% of what?

If I pay $1,000 a month to blue cross and $700 a month in a “tax”, what do I care what the percentage is? I’m paying less.


People won’t see it that way. It’s the mindset.

Good Lord, do you © really not understand politics any better than that? You think Kennedy chose LBJ? A Boston yankee chose a Texas racist, that’s what you believe?

You really believe that Joe Biden feels Kamala Harris will be capable of running the country in 4 years?

It’s not a conspiracy, it’s politics.

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