The Republican Party post Trump?

You’ll pardon me for being so amazed by the thought that you would even argue that Obama didn’t start any new wars, restart others, and ramp up others still, resulting in millions dead and displaced, along with the real possibility of the US going to war with a nuclear-capable country.

I should’ve expected that. :rofl:

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It would help if they didn’t suffer a net loss in legislative seats while barely winning the white house. Nah, never mind. :rofl:

Barely winning mandate. :wink:

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The Big Blue Drip. lol

Was that a war or a strike…How many troops do we have or did we send there?

For that to work the GOP needs to stop being the party of conspiracy theories.

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I would love to be able to vote for Republicans again.

I was told that the very act of winning the election constituted a mandate. That was Samm describing Trump’s “mandate”.

Sneaky said the same thing as me with a lot more words.


I agree - Trump supporters should throw a historic hissy fit. :slightly_smiling_face:

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It’s funny how people’s perception of posters changes based on who they support or don’t support. You and I engaged in a multitude of discussions over the years as Republicans. With many of the people here even. Donald Trump caused worms to grow in the brains of some unfortunately.

I’ve been accused of being a huge lib. Derisively referred to as the only true conservative. Even a little bit ago asked if I was going to return to being a conservative with Biden’s win. As if I was the one who stopped upholding my principles and ideology. It’s a fascinating thing to witness people assign their own projections on to you.


If his past record has anything to say about it. That’s one area the president has a lot of power.

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The question is, will you be a Republican with him gone.

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It’s been interesting to watch the transformation of the Republican party over the past few years. A few of us have remained true to our conservative roots, and have had to part ways with the Republican party as a result. I genuinely do hope they can one day return to their conservative roots, though admittedly I’m not too hopeful.

As for myself, they have a lot to prove to me after the last 5 years before I would even consider rejoining their ranks. The soil of Trumpism is too rampant in the GOP at this point. We shall see what the future holds I suppose.


Still no articulation of how the party is different now then when he showed up, if he is gone.

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None of the libs in conservative clothing will be doing anything but support and defend their new democrat hero.


It is an interesting question. Time will tell whether the party evolves into something different, or just persists in Trumpism with a different suit.

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You’re winking, so can we assume this disgusting comment is supposed to be a joke?

If not, do you have any level of dead and maimed soldiers and grieving families that can be reached, where you will retract your wish and indeed, wish you’d never set karma on its path?

Or will you rake in the money happily as long as you can and to hell with your brothers and sisters in uniform?