The point of a political ad

What is the key point of a political ad? To get your message across so that person will either vote for you or not vote for another person.

Back In 2016 Hillary ran about 250k Facebook ads while trump ran around 5.9 million. On the one hand it shows how trumps team understood the power of Facebook and social media. While Hillary did not. It’s as if the dems went backwards after obama.

Now currently if its believed trumps camp had about 5000 data points on every person they where looking at. They could with cambridge pin point a voter down to the district and cater ads to that person’s feed.

Little side trip. Your phones really arent listening to you. It’s your data that’s catered to you.

So to the main point here. The idea ads dont sway people is absurd as a notion.
There is a reason why you use tide soap over gain. There is a reason why you drink coke over Pepsi ( besides coke being the better drink period).

There is a reason why target got into a but of hot water because they could tell when a woman was ready to get pregnant by her shopping habits.

I understand. Pride gets in the way. People think they are clever enough not to be swayed by things. Meanwhile they say that inside their own little catered social media bubbles.

But hey if this thread is too deep for you there is always the trump thread about him insulting a supporter…

In other breaking news…Water is wet and the air moves by a force of convection called…wind power.

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Psst. One thing you need that ads won’t replace…A personality.

Mostly for name recognition and to show many shots of you smiling, shaking the hands of common folk, and maybe even mowing the yard, just like you!

You are wrong on many points, but this one is the most egregious.

PEPSI tastes best, better than all the rest!


Ads don’t change votes. That’s the meme Trump groupies (borrowed from another poster) pushed during the Mueller investigation.

Yeah that was the lame talking point.mea while they think Clinton was corrupt because Facebook told them

Pepsi cola went to town,
Coca-Cola shot him down…

Advertising influences people…

Now, if only they could find celebrity spokesmen that people like…

Hey, let’s open a business. How does Madison Avenue sound??

Man’s gotta point, you know that social media companies are literally tracking serotonin levels and figuring out what makes whatever demographic feel good and then reinforcing it, right? ■■■■ wild B.

Actually, they are. My best anecdotal example of it is this. I once was going through an old issue of Guitar World magazine and ran across a piece of music that looked interesting to play. Grabbed the guitar and went to work on the sheet music. As I got it sounding like I thought it should be, I grabbed my phone to to see how the original sounds (had never heard the song or artist before). Two letters in and up pops the song and artist. I then assumed I nailed the piece and also received confirmation that phones do “listen”.


Problem is that none of the D candidates have the flair that Trump has. No amount of advertising will change that.


I do have to admit, I was trying to explain to my girlfriend once what Dawson’s Creek and Felicity were and we both started getting ads for the DVD sets the next day. And I definitely never Googled anything related to it.

Then the doc I was watching was lie?

Tommy totally had a thing for joey

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Hard to tell these days, isn’t it? For some reason having access to the sum total of human knowledge makes things more uncertain and not less.

I was just reading a book I was really enjoying about the emerging crisis in Europe and it mentioned that totally false claim that a French cannon shot off the Sphinx’s nose and by now I don’t know if I can believe any of that book.

Hey Katie Holmes was hot before Scientology replaced her with a pod person.

I would have to say no

Knew it…but I agree.

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I was more about the chick that played Felicity. . .and her mom really. Don’t think I’ve ever seen an episode of the show.

ETA: thinking of the mom from Gilmore Girls

Bad Santa girl?