The One Horse Pony Show

Cancel culture? You mean like “get woke go broke”?

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This is more than just “media censorship”. It’s happening in universities (Harvard is the latest) and corporations and government (multiple calls for resignations) and high tech…

Each individual example raised is met by coordinated dismissals from all elements liberal. But it’s widespread and growing.

Libs don’t care. It’s happening to the other side. :man_shrugging:


I would hope that one would fight elections because one thinks there was fraud. “I don’t think the Republic can’t survive the winners” isn’t a sufficient reason to cast doubt on the election.


I’m troubled by some of it for sure. I’d rather see Harvard convince Rep. Stefanik she’s wrong than boot her off the committee.

What’s there to regret? Do you think Jesus regretted enlisting Judas? Do you think Jesus regretted getting crucified based on lies? One thing Jesus teaches us is that even what your enemies paint as being your complete failure can be a stepping stone towards even greater successes for you. No, I don’t think brother Donald needs to regret anything he’s done over the lastly 4 years. Well done, good and faithful servant.

It’s going to take years for these hot heads to cool off. If ever.

Here’s the actual column for anyone who is interested:

Widespread voter fraud is a lie. It’s voter-fraud fraud. It wasn’t based on facts, it was a political strategy, and it backfired. If he doesn’t regret it yet, he should.

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" Even during the period of its strictest enforcement, from the late 1940s through to the late 1950s, the blacklist was rarely made explicit or easily verifiable, as it was the result of numerous individual decisions by the studios and was not the result of official legal action. Nevertheless, it quickly and directly damaged or ended the careers and income of scores of individuals working in the film industry."

Hollywood blacklist - Wikipedia


Maybe the people should have thought about that before they joined a lying admin.


No, government pressuring the private sector. Screen Actors Guild for example.


How much fraud was there?

No official government pressure. They could have refused. You don’t think Democrats have anything to do with the current blacklists?

Is the argument that people should be protected from their problematic views?

I agree. But not in the Forbes article. The author is an old fact checker. He’s telling they won’t be trusted.

I’m not speaking out in support of media blacklisting. It’s an unfortunate consequence of free speech. But I wouldn’t want the government to step in. That’s worse.

I notice instead of linking the actual op ed, he links instead to a Fox op ed about the op ed. Which seems weird.

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Not enough for the AG to declare that it would effect the outcome.

That’s how much.


No it’s not. There’s nothing American about it.


Are you talking about the 1950s blacklists or the current blacklists?