The One Horse Pony Show

Stand by for some really and heavy seas. Hope this Federal Republic survives the cancel culture One Horse Pony Show.

Forbes op-ed warns companies about hiring ‘fabulists’ from Trump administration in theor bipolar rant.

The whole newscycle is full of go get the Trump supporters. Make me ■■■■■■■ sick.


I’m not sure what you’re trying to talk about.

Is this just some stream-of-consciousness thing?


this is but one,Bro

I read the Forbes op-ed. Is that what your OP is about?

What is it that you would like to discuss?

It’s not, that’s the thing.

That’s why I was so adamant about Trump needing to fight this, about not so readily accepting the results. Because I don’t think the Republic nor the Constitution can survive another Democrat or Communist. The Dems have used Trump as an excuse to go further left, and now that they are all riled up, they are going to do some vengeance. A Narcissist who simply seeks out to hurt people out of the blue is one thing, but a Narcissist who has their ego bruised is another level of evil.

I am hoping to discuss the cancel culture. Any thoughts about where we should go. I am encouraging complete debate and will refrain from my usual self no sarcastic comments from Moi.

I’m old enough to remember when the media was all crying about the blacklisting of communists in the 1950s. Now they are generating a super blacklist of their own and everything is fine.


Interesting comment, young lady.

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What you’re seeing now is the result of Trump’s behavior since the election. If he had accepted the results of the fair election like a man, this wouldn’t be happening and his future would be bright. He blew it.

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The good news is, an ideology does not simply die out with one person.

I’m not old enough to remember that, but from what I know of history, the issue was government blacklisting, not media blacklisting.

How bout Pelosi’s conduct since 2016?

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I highly doubt this. Trump has been dragged through the mud day in and day out for four years. What person wouldn’t go insane?

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Not great. I’m not a fan.


What if the government controls the media?

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That is not correct. The blacklist was by private persons in Hollywood, chiefly.
Not that they couldn’t get government jobs.


Now media is blacklisting. It was wrong for govt to blacklist and it is just as wrong for media to blacklist.

Give that a little thought.

Then you don’t know much of history.

But that aside, blacklist is blacklist, regardless of who is making the list.

Nor private sector jobs. Trump admin folks are completely screwed.