THE Official Unoffiial Midterm Elections Results Thread


She did.



She didn’t conceced and said directly in her speech she wasn’t going to because she thought it was unfair but isn’t going to fight this race anymore.

Still plans to file some kind of federaal lawsuit against this election though.

Just wants to keep her name in the media and run for senator in 2020



6-6 to 11-1 in r short years.

Could have not done it without ya, Mr. President.



> New numbers Friday at 4:25 p.m.

  • Love 129,006 votes, 50.08 percent of the vote
  • McAdams 128,587 with 49.92 percent of the vote

Provisional ballots are expected to be released Monday. The outcome is expected to be finalized by Tuesday.

This one is killing me . . back and forth, back and forth. Mia had a judge reject her lawsuit to stop counting in Salt Lake County today. So the only thing left I think is the provision then the almost guaranteed recount.


i dont like the sound of this at all

i was happy on election night when florida was going so well for republicans

it looked like a good sign of things to come

all of the good things are being taken away


Bless your heart.


thank you

i think


It ain’t over till the fat lady sings.


If Trump us too fat for office for sure she is unfit


We can add another to the wave. No way the R can catch up.

“Anthony Brindisi is on the verge of clinching a victory in the 22nd Congressional Districtelection after winning the absentee ballot count Friday in two more counties, distancing himself from Rep. Claudia Tenney.

Tenney’s chance of a post-election night rally all but disappeared as Brindisi expanded his lead to 3,178 votes on the strength of absentee ballot victories in Broome and Herkimer counties.”

“Her path to victory is virtually closed at this point,” said Luke Perry, director of the Utica College Center of Public Affairs and Election Research. “It’s not going to happen, barring some finding of a tabulation error at the 11th hour.”

Nate Silver, editor of the website, tweeted Friday, “It’s pretty clear that it’s over for Tenney.”

R’s lose 3 seats in NYS. So it will be 21 D’s 6 R’s representing NYS in the House.


Add one more to the D column.

Xochitl Torres Small wins New Mexico’s 2nd Congressional District seat

Still no call in Brindisi/Tenney race, but the D leads by 3000ish.


every day is a fresh punch in the face


And another one officially bites the dust.


any idea when this punishment will end


Likely 2020 for the immediate pain to end. But closer to 2050 or longer for the overall stain and pain of this punishment to finally be lifted on our collective souls.


haha no i meant the midterm results

every day another republican loses

i want it to be over


Unless I’m mistaken, now.


By then, most of us will be deader than a door nail. :worried:


There goes the diversity.