THE Official Unoffiial Midterm Elections Results Thread


Of course he did.


From the article…

"Kemp used a tactic Palast calls “Purge by Postcard” to remove eligible voters from the rolls. Kemp sent a postcard that could have easily been mistaken for spam to voters who did not vote in the prior election. If a voter did not return the postcard, Kemp purged their registration without informing the voters it was happening.

Thanks to a June 2018 [Supreme Court ruling that reversed the National Voter Registration Act of 1993, this practice is now legal. If a voter misses an election and fails to respond to a notice by mail, the court ruled it legal to remove them from the list of registered voters."

So, you can now register to vote and if you miss ONE election the sleaze bags can start moving to have you kicked out.

Just one more republican tactic to get voter volume down.




Just one more in CA-21.




and 40


One race still not certified NC-09

Election fraud.



Thanks Obama.


The longer it goes the more races liberals steal…


i like this chart


Why do liberals hate free and fair elections?