THE Official Unoffiial Midterm Elections Results Thread


Correct. And he ensured that every last principled conservative would leave the Grand Old Party; many of whom for good.


Another flip.


All he had to do, after he was elected, was be halfway nice. He just couldn’t pull that off.


on election night it didnt look that bad

what in the world is happening


I guess Donald Trump’s next door neighbors don’t like him.


America is resoundingly rejecting Trump and all that he stands for. Relegating his supporters to a minority in this nation.


And we are coming for her in 2020.

I have been working in my resistance group since the day after Trump was elected. Trumplicans laughed at the Resistance, but we have shown them by flipping R districts all over the country.

The day after the midterms we started working again on gun control legislation and Medicare for All.

We will be ready for 2020.


“Women elected in record numbers in state legislative races”

Another milestone.


and boom


So 233 if Mia wins, 234 if she loses. Interesting.


Reagan country, gone!


Another devastating blow to conservatism at the hands of Donnie Johnnie Trump. He is really primed to be the death knell to my ideology, once it was hijacked and bastardized by him and his complicit cultists that still remain in the fractional minority of America that is now the GOP.


Thank you President Trump for turning all of Orange County California that was staunch Reagan Country blue.


There isn’t one R in the House from New England after the congressman from Maine 2 lost yesterday.

And true to form for an R, he wanted the run off stopped.

“That new system became the focus of Mr. Poliquin’s ire on Tuesday, when he filed a lawsuit in federal court against Maine’s secretary of state, Matthew Dunlap, to stop the runoff, asserting that he would have won the election under the old voting system and that the new system was unconstitutional. On Thursday morning, a federal judge rejected Mr. Poliquin’s request for a temporary restraining order to stop the vote-counting process.”


Looks like Dems are at +36 in the house now. Impressive.


Still some outstanding absentee ballots to be counted, but it’s looking extremely likely it’s another flip for the D’s.


Never thought I would see the day. Thank you fat donald!


Trump is also turning Maricopa County blue in Arizona here.


Certainly a Blue Tidal Wave.


And here is Georgia the dem loser for governer who cannot find the 20,000 votes she needs to force a runoff is now considering trying to get the whole election overtuned and a new election started instead.

I’m tired of this… it is over Stacy Abrams… give it up.