THE Official Unoffiial Midterm Elections Results Thread


The latter.


Don’t you remember when he said one needs an ID to buy groceries?


oh right right right.


So many ■■■■■■■ lies, it’s very hard to keep up.


Probably. Could be both as well though.


i just read that these are the best election results for liberals since 1974


what is happening to my country

my coworkers are going to be cranky for two years


Yep. Trump spawned a 40+ year achievement by Democrats. That’s how reviled he is by the overwhelming majority of Americans.


The blue wave continues:


Once the voter fraud is exposed, we’ll be punting Democrats from office like Ray Guy.


Does Pence live under a rock? LOL!



Another Democratic victory. They are now +35, which again, thanks to Trump is making the 2018 midterms the biggest Congressional victory for Democrats in well over 40 years. What a complete and total repudiation of Trump and his minority followers.


i’m glad the country is slowly rejecting Trump’s style of politics. i didn’t think it would happen this fast.


Same here. I did not think it would be this fast either. But I also never imagined Trump would be this big of a screw up either.


Trumpers realized that the country is not behind them, they are in the minority and will continue to matter less as the years go on. The future of this country is not Trumpism or even so called “conservatism” which is a mere husk of what it once was.


Our saving grace is that he isn’t very smart and is lazy. He is riding on his charisma… which is fading.

Think of how effective he would be if he actually applied himself to the job.


Kinda how a reality TV shows starts to get old after a few seasons…


Indeed. And they are lashing out in their death spiral into oblivion. Good riddance to bad rubbish.


Absolutely. His severe personality disorders, coupled with the fact he has never had to work a single day in his entire life, pretty well helped to prevent even worse disaster for the nation. It’s just another one of those Seven Deadly Sins he is embodying. Sloth, thy name is Donnie Johnnie Trump.


I do believe there is room for conservatism, in particular fiscal conservatism. But Republicans long abandoned their principles, the final nail was allowing Trumpism to take over the heart of the party.