THE Official Unoffiial Midterm Elections Results Thread


It’s likely to go to the democrats. I am hoping they don’t turn Florida into circa year 2000 again, always Broward county, always.


The Clinton’s have been releasing their tax returns to the public every year for a few decades now, at least through 2016, of course. By the way, why didn’t Trump, in 2016? Is the nonsense lie he told about being under audit still the story? Or, do you still believe it?

No, the way “it works” is that candidates release their tax returns. It’s the norm, has been for a few decades.

So, sort of a “probable cause” requirement? As a comparison, a reference point, do you think Ken Starr had probable cause for every inquiry he launched during the Whitewater investigation?

Whatever level of suspicion Ken Starr used, do you think what’s currently publicly known about Trump’s activities haven’t already reached that level, at least?


Dana Rohrabacher was bin Laden’s lackey when the muf were Freedom Fighters and cool with Republicans.


But it’s looking good for dems.

Now if the recount in FL will just turn thinks around.


looks like AP called it


and McSally concedes


One more to steal…I mean win.


Thank God for all our millions of secret illegal voters or we would never have won Arizona…



like 6 times


Another Republican goes down in defeat in CA…




CA, trump’s resistance HQ.


The wave is still crashing ashore.



if he said so it must be true


What in the ■■■■■


i don’t get it…but then again he never actually has coherent sentence structures


Voters across the nation have spoken in a resounding rebuffing of Trumpism in America. It gives me hope. Although I’m still disappointed there remain so many of our brothers and sisters blinded and complicit to this dark stain on our nation.


What in the world is wrong with this man? Dementia? Or is he truly so incapable of believing the majority of America despised him and what he is?