THE Official Unoffiial Midterm Elections Results Thread


Those laws you cite are the very same laws that gives the committees the powers we are describing… why not go read them?


Yeah but you’re forgetting about the law that doesn’t exist


I cannot believe this is how you people think our government operates. With all the leaking that goes on in our government, you seriously think it would not turn into anarchy, if House committees and their staff were able to look thru the personal IRS files of every citizen or corporation? The leaking and news paper headline would be non stop.


Read the law.


Find that nonexistent law yet?


Dude, take a freaking step back for five minutes and read one of the linked articles about the law.


And yet since 1924, I am not aware of any case where it did happen… I do know that Nixon decided to release his after the committee requested the returns from the IRS (no subpoena or “permission” needed) to prove he was not a crook… You might have heard the famous Nixon quote: “I am not a crook!”… That’s where that came from…


How many times do you have to be told?

YES they can. Period, end of story.
The only question is will they? Probably.


For the record I don’t agree with the 1924 law as written but it is the law

edit: and I didn’t mean that as a response to your post


The law has been shown to you repeatedly now.

At this point, you’re trying to deny the reality in front of your face. This is settled law.

What embarrassing information is contained in tax returns, that people would be afraid of being leaked?


This is bordering on the level of a certain poster around here who NEVER admits when he is wrong.


I am watching the Abrams campaign press conference and they want on about how they don’t know how many absentee ballots are still in transit or how many ballots ARE SITTING IN SOMEBODY’S DRESSER AT HOME.

What? Ballots in somebody’s dresser that wasnt mailed in don’t count.

Somebody is going to find a load of ballots in a car trunk or something.


well except he was. the tax returns came in, found out that he owed hundreds of thousands of dollars to the IRS. He paid up.



Its a pretty simple law.

shall furnish

and the law is nearly 100 years old.

oversight is what congress does.

its why we had Bengazi hearings up the ying-yang.



She obviously slightly upset at losing. Better just to concede.



I agree with you.


They did say that a lot of the lawyers she is using also worked on Bush v Gore. Hopefully they don’t turn Georgia into another Florida. They are already talking lawsuits and stuff as well.


This is one area that they made sure, throughout their whole careers, was always transparent and on the up and up. They dutifully paid their taxes and dutifully released that information to the public consistently. Say what you will of them, but they knew the political troubles that befall politicians when it comes to trying to hide their taxes.


You keep saying how this is not accurate, but all of the facts prove otherwise. Why don’t you either present evidence to support your claims that what every other poster here is saying is inaccurate, or admit that you are only offering an unsubstantiated opinion that runs counter to the facts and evidence presented.


besides the fact that i have been against the way Kemp has been acting for a long time? i want more people to vote not less and they way Kemp has run the state dept has been pathetic. having 3 hour lines to vote is not acceptable in any way shape or form its a direct result of a failure in management and has nothing to do with the results. so once again like most things you are wrong.