THE Official Unoffiial Midterm Elections Results Thread


Part of the reasons for the long lines is that hundreds of voting machines are locked up due to a court case.


Part of the reason, also the fact that this very court case did not require hundreds of them to be locked up. there were plently more other reason. he failed as secretary of state.


Looks like they’re headed to a recount.


Oh wow…didn’t see that one coming.


Florida recount. What fun. Brings back visions of hanging chads.


The ratings aren’t bad but few people are factoring in the fact that twice the amount of incumbent republicans were retiring from congress than democrats, only that the democrats were defending more seats in the senate.


I will say this, kemp should have resigned or recused himself from participating in election decisions, a huge conflict of interest.



If it hasn’t been mentioned yet:

The Green Party cost the Dems the senate seat in Arizona.

And the Libertarian Party cost the R’s a shot at a very close recount in Montana


Dana Rohrabacher® going down. The conservative’s conservative in the heart of conservative Orange Co. When you loose there something is very, very wrong.


I doubt that highly. You see me here in the forum bitching about who lost?

Nope. I’ve accepted where things ended up.

Dems won the House and the libs here are STILL protesting and whining and bitching.

Bunch of toddlers throwing a tantrum even when you get what you want. :joy:


As Jr would say…”I love it”


Maybe not. Sinema just took the lead within the last half hour. Hopefully she keeps the lead as they continue counting votes.


Don’t be so sure.


surprised surprise surprise


Another house seat trending Dem.


Putin lost his original lackey?


Yes it was glorious


I wish my district would of voted out our incumbent. Instead we re-elected someone with a 60 count indictment pending


Hey, remember you’re talking about the party of projection here. The party of one set of rules for the ruling class and another set for us lowly peons. Anything goes brother. The opposition must be defeated (and silenced) at any cost.


AZ is still too close to call.