THE Official Unoffiial Midterm Elections Results Thread


LOL… Where in the law does it state they must provide justification?


No they can’t, not without a very real and substantive legal justification.

When the repubs controlled those same committee chairs, could they simply grab Bill and Hilary’s tax returns, just because they thought there might be some corruption going on with their Foundation?? No, they could not, and they did not.


Actually that is not a requirement for Congress but what makes you think they won’t? It can be argued his tax returns could provide proof of payments from Russian contacts during certain time frames


Yes they can

A 1924 law allows the chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee to examine anyone’s tax returns in private, without their permission, and the likely incoming chairman, Massachusetts Democrat Richard Neal, has said he’d go after Trump’s IRS filings. The law allows him to share the material in private with other lawmakers on the panel and their staff.


Yes, they can.

The law has been posted repeatedly. There is no requirement for “justification”

As for the Clinton’s tax returns, most of those have been (voluntarily) released to the public.


Fine, then you’d be okay if the Republican congress grabbed the last twenty years of the Clinton’s tax returns and personal records, because they thought the Clintons were involved in illegal activities.

Why not just allow Congress to do this for any opposition Party candidate running for election, or political appointment;

"Hey IRS? Gee, my staff an I would really like to dig around in Joe Blow’s tax returns, just to see if we can find anything illegal or sensational in them."

No, I don’t freaking think that is how this works.

Just because you think someone is capable of corruption or illegal activities, is not justification to start digging thru their personal lives and private records, to see what you might find to harm them.


Yes. I am totally fine with Republicans looking into the Clintons as retribution


Unsupported opinion noted. The experts disagree


Sorry, but we have laws that protect personal rights and liberties. We do not live in a banana republic, where the politicians get into power and use government to brush aside Rights and protections to destroy their political opponents…


All of the Clinton’s tax returns, from 1992 until 2015, are already publically available.

Not everyone is afraid of their tax returns getting out.


Then you should have no problem citing the law that says Congress needs a reason to request tax returns from the IRS. Unfortunately for Trump no such law exists


Is there a “right” to keep your tax returns private?


Think it thru. Congress cannot just walk over and look thru the IRS records of any political opponent or private citizen that they want, without a legal justification. And just having a hunch or a suspicion is not justification. That would be a flat out abuse of power. That is complete and utter anarchy.


why are you ignoring the articles posted showing that they can?


Yes they can and you have been shown the law enacted in 1924 giving them that power multiple times while failing to counter with anything that backs up your opinion.


Prove it if you can


Yes the could have grabbed the Clinton’s tax returns if they wanted… They didn’t need to, the Clinton’s had already publicly disclosed their tax returns but whatever floats your boat…


Tax returns are government documents. They’re not private records.

Unless you’ve got something to hide, there’s no reason to be afraid of them being released.


We’re all fine with Republicans looking into the Clintons as retribution.


Every congress since 1924 has had this power… They can not disclose the returns without the persons permission but they can certainly examine them in closed session. Kinda puts a damper on the whole corrupt democrats diatribe, doesn’t it?