THE Official Unoffiial Midterm Elections Results Thread


You do, apparently Nevada citizens don’t


It’s definitely a loss in the house for republicans, and a win in the senate. Would it be fair to say both sides would have wished for better results? I wish the GOP would have kept the house, and I’m sure at least some democrats are not happy with the prospect of 4 more senate seats turning red.

It’s not really the results either side can spike a football on, without acknowledging the loss in the other branch of government.


Absolutely disgusting

And guess who was in charge of it all


I mean I see what you are saying. But they lost control of a chamber of Congress. That’s pretty big loss no matter how you slice it


Guess they should have defied that court order huh?

Then you could bitch about that.


Or here is a thought, maybe have spent the last 2 years actually doing his job and get all of the machine ready for the election? It’s not like it just popped out of nowhere and these problem were discovered this week


SO, it’s his fault the Obama appointed judge made this decision?

You’re just butthurt your gal lost. Both of them. :joy:


Yep I agree with you it is a big deal to lose the house.


Learn to read, his job was to run election and he had 2 years to prepare. He failed


I did read. I also read other articles on it.

federal judge found a “concrete risk” that Georgia’s electronic voting system is vulnerable to tampering, but she ruled against a quick switch to paper ballots less than four weeks before early voting begins for November’s election.

U.S. District Judge Amy Totenberg late Monday denied a motion from election integrity advocates who asked her to force the state’s 6.8 million registered voters to use hand-marked paper ballots instead of direct-recording electronic (DRE) voting machines.

There was more going on here that you want to let be known.

Your just pissed it didn’t go your way so you’re blaming Kemp. Fine, go right ahead, but he is also constrained by what the judge is allowing.


Those issues were known long before 4 weeks ago. Kemp knew about the issue and still allowed the machine hence the lawsuit. Had he done his job those machines would have been fine long before election day and long before a lawsuit was required


So, still unwilling to admit that due to the lawsuit he was constrained in what he could do?

Come off it. If Abrams would have won you wouldn’t have said jack ■■■■ about the machines. This wouldn’t have even been an issue for you.

It’s just a convenient hammer to use because she LOST.


The lawsuit happened because of his lack of action to a known problem. It constrained him only because he refused to act and so his job in a timely manner . The lawsuit aslo like the first article makes no mention of just how many machine needed to be taken out of service. This is just another reason in a long line of him failing at his job in order to win the governor mansion

But he is a republican so you will defend him besides all of the evidence otherwise


and if Abrams had won you wouldn’t have said ONE WORD about this issue.

You are upset that she lost. Period.


If Kemp had lost, you would have said many words about this issue.


Yeah, it’s definitely a lifeboat.


He should have used that same energy to roll out Trumpcare.


What’s the title of this thread?


First of all its 3 seats. dems will be returning at least 46 senators to their caucus. they had 49 coming in and worse case scenario is 46 returning.

I dont hold out much hope for the Nelson recount in Florida. I think Florida is Red.

However still up in the air is Arizona. Many many votes still to count.

I hold out hope for the democratic party standard bearer.

so if she wins thats two seats lost

so 2 or 3 senate seats lost pales in comparison to the 35 or so seats the R’s lost in the house.

4 incumbent democrats lost in the senate

21 incumbent republicans lost in the house and flip-a-roo the house goes blue 230-205

there is no logical way anyone can spin losing the house.

I could not in 2010. But the R;s are trying their best to put a brave face on their house flipping back to blue 8 years later.

The dems had a horrible map in the senate and Trump to his credit got the vote out in some key states.

I as a democrat rate this election a B- (good but not great) for the democrats and a C-\D+ for the R’s (slightly below average/poor)

How would you rate it? a “c” for both sides?



You are talking banna republic level anarchy.

Committee chairmen and their staff cannot simply read thru anyone’s IRS files just because they want to. They must justify to the IRS why they need this person’s personal records. Even an IRS agent cannot look at another citizen’s IRS tax records unless they fill out the proper paperwork to show cause, and legal justification. .