THE Official Unoffiial Midterm Elections Results Thread


Perhaps some want the choice to give their DNA for a lower cost. You don’t need law to foster competition. In fact they usually take players out of markets and thus limit choice.


Trump had a much better chance of negotiating with the Senate to attempt to get his legislation passed prior to yesterday than he does today so yes the dems taking the house is not meaningless.

Alex Marr on Breitbart has admitted that Trump has been a legislative failure with only a tax cut that he can boast about. Not that it matters, Trump supporters would believe him if he lied and said the wall has been built.


Note that this statute says that these returns are to be “in closed executive session”. Its going to be hard to make political points on this without it being pretty obvious that the law is being undermined by those who would use it.


I’m sure Nixon felt the same…


Your right but makes zero difference.

Trump created this situation so he only has himself to blame. If he had said from the begining that he was never going to release his returns then he could at least claim he was making a stand based on his own personal convinctions but he didnt. Plus this is the same man demanding Obama prove his citizenship and rlease his school records.

He only has himself to blame.


I can think of one 72 year old who’s been having off moments since he descended his gilded escalator.


Did he give the House races more than 7 seconds to discuss?


I have no problem with that.

He’s young, enthusiastic. Much better candidate than any of the 70+ yr old candidates that might toy with the idea of running.


Where do it state in the constitution about a birth certificate.

Does every candidate have to provide one, or only the ones you don’t like.



LOL! It wasn’t Putin’s fault that Russia annexed Crimea. It was Obama’s for allowing him to do it!


The CEC appreciates your level of effort.

You get 2 golden EIB network microphones for that.


Nope. Every single time that lifeboat gets put out it should be set on fire.

Trump is the GOP. The GOP is Trump.

At least own it.



Taking shots at Mia Love now.




Pfft, a mere trickle of poor people looking for a place to sleep somewhere in Mexico. 900 miles from the US border? Never a threat.


A lot of Dems in the MidWest that won House seats are moderates.


Every time you say this you have to be corrected.

Obama released his Certificate of Live Birth on June 13, 2008.

It was only idiots that wouldn’t accept that.

He provided proof of his birth before he was elected. There was nothing to play.


There is a difference with citizenship, since that is a requirement for being President…that said when they came up dry the first few months it was time to drop it.
School records…people “demanded” that politically. No one even suggested they be subpoenaed.
It will not look good, IMO, to subpoena tax records unless some Congressional purpose can be used as an excuse… It is using subpoena power for solely political purposes.


So says the party who has yet to let go of Hillary Clinton.



How will Dems stop it?

Last time I checked how the US government works, bills have to pass both the House AND the Senate, followed by a signature by the President.