THE Official Unoffiial Midterm Elections Results Thread


Which is why he should use the same law that allows them to do it to get their tax returns if they do it, Then maybe they will understand it is an abuse of power.


At least Pelosi won’t show up with an orange face.


Then they shouldn’t have to hand over their DNA. Such a law doesn’t limit their choice, only the choice of the insurance company.


Except we just saw Trump work his ass off, and give a zillion speeches while fatigued and no slurring like Nancy. But, I’m happy the dems are sticking with the Grand ma


Does not matter what they believe or think, they vote how they are told.


And people say there’s no such thing as a stupid question.

Every one. On demand.


This isn’t true of many people, I think.


And he provided it.



I think it would be great if dems forced this. I’m sure a lot of them would love to have their gone over.


He brilliantly milked it for two years.


Not sure I feel about the statement. Maybe if the person is being willfully obtuse.


Is that what we have here?


Doesn’t state that in the constitution.

Only that one meets the requirements.



Did they issue birth certificates in 1783.



Chester Alan aurthur didn’t have to provide one and he became president.



Seems like it. I’m pretty sure presenting a birth certificate isn’t exactly constitutionally required, but it seems like Allan was playing dumb, albeit maybe not entirely consciously.


They will stop it with laws, or regs claiming outcomes are not fair. They will say the reason the people have bad health care and long waits is the rich are not paying enough. That’s what dems always do. Dems have to have victims.


Yeah, they didn’t, though I don’t think that would mean that they wouldn’t or couldn’t be required once they became a very common thing.


That’s only you opinion.

Look at our beloved president who spent millions of dollars sending people to Hawaii to disprove a negative.



Again, let me type slower. How can the Dem-controlled House pass a law when the law also needs to pass Senate (Republican led), and a Republican President?