THE Official Unoffiial Midterm Elections Results Thread


He is a dem.


To find how much income he is deriving from foreign investments.

That’s an easy question to answer.



That’s some truth.


Well let’s look at his tax returns and find out.

How do you think mueller got manafort?



Look. Just show us your birth certificate. What’s the big deal?


Kobach, and Walker. Walker hasn’t conceded yet but still. Those two warm my little heart.


Looks like white women are finally figuring it out.


You cannot use the power of elected government office to go on a witch hunt and root around in someone’s financial records just because you are curious how much foreign investments they might have.

Like I said, you cannot justify it under the grounds that “I hate Trump! Let’s root around in his financial records and see if we can find something to pin on him.”


There is a Constitutional requirement for the office a birth certificate can meet.

That is not the case for tax returns.


What do his tax returns from before he was President have to do with the emoluments clause?


A requirement Obama met prior to the request to see his birth certificate.


Ever heard of emoluments? You might want to brush up on it… try starting with this article…

Judge Denies Trump’s Request to Dismiss Emoluments Lawsuit


That is different. To qualify to be elected as a US President you must meet the Constitutional requirements that you be a natural born US citizen.

There is nothing about a requirement that they provide their tax returns for public viewing, anymore than there is a requirement that they provide their K-12 and college transcripts.





lol. I’m ending this conversation now. Not going down this road. I shouldn’t have brought it up.


We need to reform policy on emoluments, Trump and his financial records are the perfect example to use.


Nor should you.

Obama played it brilliantly.


As dirty as his dad was, it could be anything. Like expensing condos for his girlfriends.


Yay Michigan! I didn’t imagine ND would.


How many investigation of Benghazi on a fishing trip by gowdy.

You reap what you so.