THE Official Unoffiial Midterm Elections Results Thread


Why do cons continue to make stuff up?

They want to focus on healthcare, tax cuts for middle class and poor, wage growth. They can also focus on making sure Trumps corruption doesn’t go unchecked.

They can walk and chew gum at the same time


She’s so old, I keep expecting her to show up with lipstick smeared over her lips.


Universal healthcare doesn’t say anything about whether the industry is nationalized or not though. It can exist while at the same time let private insurers, hospitals, and so on continue to exist.


After President Trump made an incredibly offer offer for DACA category immigrants.

It was dismissed callously recklessly by Pelosi and the D.


I personally think we should have another speaker, however, if she can stick to what she said last night during her speech I think we will be alright.

I suspect they will put forth a bunch of bills that the Republican lead senate will not pass. Then in 2020 they can say “see republicans don’t care about affordable healthcare”

I also hope they investigate the obvious corruption in the Trump admin. We should all want corrupt people out of politics.

Lastly, I hope they don’t even think about impeachment until Mueller is done. Not just done, but there needs to be compelling evidence that Donal Trump colluded with a hostile foreign government to influence the election


Revisionist history?


Yes, the rich will get good health care for a while. Until dems notice, and then they will stop it, because it’s not fair… And then we all wait in line, or go out of country. Just like Europe.


Good luck in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan in 2020.


You guys will be running Hillary again…


The whole point of some UHC designs is to bring the same quality healthcare the rich have to the poor.

That has not happened in Europe.


Honestly, there’s really no one else with her experience. I’d welcome someone new, but I don’t think Dems can afford putting up someone who would be learning on the job. Pelosi won’t put up with any ■■■■.


We agree. We all get poor service. “Same”-ness or die… I get it…


Republicans could only be so lucky.


No. Losing seven governors isn’t “not bad for an off year”. It’s just a bad year. That’s as bad as Obama in 2010 since you guys like to cite that year so much. Especially when we’re living in the greatest economic period in American history.


That’s what one single committee chair plans to do as part of his assignment as the chair. How that extrapolates out to being some blanket statement across the whole of the Democratic House Majority is beyond me. But you seem to make the connection nonetheless.

And I find what Schiff is aiming at here to be worthless, because we have Mueller.

I’m just thankful there will now be accountability for this administration and their corrupt dealings among Cabinet members and political appointees. Something the GOP Majority was derelict in holding them accountable for. In particular Zinke and Ross and their shady dealings. Im sure you don’t care about that though.


We don’t agree. I’m saying that some implementations of UHC exist to bring the same quality healthcare that rich people get to the poor WITHOUT lowering the the standard of the best care that exists.


I think Trump did better than Obama in his first off year election…


Except you can’t legislate that… All you can do is increase costs and lower choice through regulation. This stuff has all been done before…


When does a politician’s age begin to concern you - anytime after 72, maybe?


I’m not talking about legislating it. I’m talking funding it with taxes.

It is false that you can’t legislate it. Legislating can increase choice, too, as well as lower costs. For instance, one can forbid insurers from requiring people to hand over their DNA. This gives people more freedom because then they wouldn’t be required to hand over their DNA as part of their insurance plan. As far as reducing cost, you can use competition law to squelch exploitation of market dominance.